Adventures of a Drama Teacher

Howdy Partners or should I say Bonjour! Nous sommes arrivee chez nous (basically we are home) from Disneyland Paris! Here are a few of the ninety photos I took. As most of the pictures are Mo and his friend I didn’t want to include them on the web nor the one where I might look slightly weight challenged in my down vest (it was COLD, but I wouldn’t want you to think I gained weight even if I did!) or older as I have aged only a year since we last met. He he!!


Although the park is different it is the same. It’s like being at California Disney only in the Twilight Zone. Slightly skewed. Off kilter. It is not as clean as California Disney, although it is very clean. The service is not as good, although still good. Food was okay, better than in Belgium, but not great.  Things like that. What I liked the most was hearing the speals I have heard a hundred times before and memorized verbatim, like the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean in French!  We also had the pleasure of watching La Legende du Roi Lion, (The Lion King Live show) which I really enjoyed and copped ideas from as well as Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show which I copped a few more ideas from. Our Davy Crockett cabin had ants; well it was supposed to be like camping. I think they were animatronics, NOT!!!! Mo was his usual “I am going to try NOT to have any fun” self and there was NO dog poop to cheer him up. But eventually the “Happiest Place on Earth” took over and he almost smiled a couple of times.


I will return again because I love the MOUSE!!!!













Yeah, typical teen…. at least YOU looked like you had fun!

Chelsea C says:

That must have been so much fun. Wow…animatronic ants…or not… I have always wanted to go to the Paris version of Disney. This summer I am supposedly going to Walt Disney World (Florida, yaya!). I am once again, supremely jealous… :-/ And you look just as good as you did a year ago. Wow…a year. That really hasn’t hit me until just now. That’s a LONG time. We all miss you (and are still waiting to hear if you are gonna be back in AZ next year-the fate of RM’s drama department depends on it at the moment). Tell Mo that smiling makes everything seem twice as great (and to keep looking for that Disney Dog Poo-maybe around Goofy or Pluto).

Amber says:

Hey Mrs. G! I’m glad you had fun. I went to California Disneyland just a few weeks ago and the crowds were horrible. But we still had lots of fun. What my mom and I are curious about is if Disney Paris is crowded as well. Because it would be amazing to go there but not if the crowds are the same or worse.

Amber says:

Oh and I forgot to tell you. I saw Red Mountain’s production of Suessical on Thursday night. It was AMAZING! Porter played the Grinch and Justin DeLong(I’m not sure if you know him) was Horton in the other cast, the one I didn’t get to see. But Mrs. Turley thinks it was their best show yet and now she wants us to do Suessical. I just wish she could’ve realized how much she loved the show before she bought Cinderella. Speaking of Cinderella, we are performing on April 17 and 18!! That’s really soon! But I’m glad to say I have my two lines memorized. 😀 Our ballroom scene is still chaotic and the set isn’t done yet. I know we’ll get through this though and that it will turn out amazing.

We never waited in line longer than 15 minutes. Most of the time we walked straight onto the rides and or attractions/shows. I forgot to tell you that Areosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coater was the BEST ever!!!!!! So fast and so smooth, I hardly felt motion sick. The longest line we waited on was Crush’s Coaster (these both are at Disney Studios side of the park). Crush’s Coaster made me feel sick. But at least Mo went on that one thinking it was a kiddie type ride. It was WAY worse than Aerosith’s but you didn’t go completely upside down. We went on Big Thunder Mountain THREE times because the boys loved it so much. I was the only one to go on Rocking and Indiana Jone’s Roller coaster (this was way different than the California Indiana Jones ride).

Jennifer Slayton says:

It looks like Mo is smiling in some of those pictures!!!!

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