Adventures of a Drama Teacher

Virgin Overalls

Virgin Overalls

Well Guys and Dolls, Redheads and such:

I made it once again to Alaska this time in a very different way. As you know I am married to OO7 and with that comes a uniqueness that can’t really be explained but I will try anyway.

This summer is my 30 year class reunion. (Yes I know I graduated when I was 5, but that’s another story). Anyway OO7 says to me, he did, “Do you want to arrive in a helicopter at your reunion? “ I say, and excuse my French here, “Hell No! That ain’t my style. You fly the helicopter (we don’t own one, but ya’ll know OO7’s a pilot and D our daughter a helicopter pilot so it’s not that far -fetched) anyway, so I said, “YOU arrive/fly in, in a helicopter at YOUR class reunion (his reunion will be in two years). But I wouldn’t mind taking the bus.” So that’s what we did, at least for the first link of the tour.

OO7 got off the ships, flew to AZ, we took off to New Mexico where the bus had received a new RED stripe on its side and we traversed through Texas, Colorado, Idaho, then at last to our hometown of Boring, Oregon where the bus now awaits. We got to stay the night in a La Grande truck stop! Oh how I miss La Grande (EOU where I got my undergrad degree). So the bus ride was kind of  eventful (for 007 anyway);  two blown tires and an air-ride problem that made me feel like we were on a stage coach being chased by wild Indians, but OO7 being the MaGuyver /Honey Badger that he is fixed the problem with a tooth pick and piece of gum. But I digress.

We left the bus in Boring and took my Drama-mobile which we had towed on a trailer and drove to Bellingham Washington where we boarded the Columbia of The Alaska Marine Highway system-kid, dog and all, and spent 36 hours on the inside passage until we reached Ketchikan. From Ketchikan we hoped on our RED Cessna 185 and flew home (dog’s first plane ride went well, I puked).

We have now been here a little over a week, I finished the rough draft on my current musical project-Buying My Way Into Heaven, and am anxiously awaiting the sale of tickets to Sammy Hagar’s birthday bash this October in Cabo as I have already purchased commercial plane tickets for me and Mo. Unfortunately OO7 can’t go with us as his secret spy schedule will not allow, and it looks like maybe  we will not arrive at my class reunion in the bus after all because he may have to go out on a mission and I ain’t driving that thing without him just like I will not fly the planes solo.

I think there’s a pattern going on here as I sit in my RED flannel PJs with my RED toenails, inside my RED accented cabin, writing on my RED computer after having chosen RED for the paint colors on our planes and bus, (cause Green ain’t mean compared to RED) BEFORE I wrote my new play, while my Sammy Hagar music lie dormant in my little grey cells. Now I am a REDHEAD again, always and forever!

So…Here I am enjoying my peace (Chickenfoot), exercising, writing and basking in the glory God created for us. All good.  It used to upset me when OO7’s schedule takes him away but not anymore. I found the following quote in my RED writer’s notebook, I wrote it two summers ago here in AK. Nothing amazing, just little daily writing warm-up like I give my students:-write down everything you are thankful for then create a short poem, here’s my poem:

I am Beautiful

I am Smart

I have Honesty in my Heart

Wherever I am

Is where I am supposed to be

A higher power moves through me

My happiness spreads to one and all

Wherever I go, I stand tall

God Bless and may the Birthday Bash Ticket God shine on me!

Paint it RED!


et cetera