Adventures of a Drama Teacher

I have recently been hired to teach high school theatre arts (and one dance class) at an international school in Belgium. This blog is for my students and friends who want to follow my adventures. I commence in August, I am finishing out my last three weeks at a JHS in Arizona.


Sarah M says:

Hi Mrs. Griffin!!!!! Just trying out your blog. It look great!!! Well see youa at school!!

Chelsey strunk (loveing student) says:


I miss you so much! I didn’t realize that you were gone till i found the paper with the wed address on it!=[. I was looking through the year book and just looking at your piture and thought “Wow i really am going to miss her.” You were the only teacher that was alwasy nice to me and cared! Almost all the other teacher acted like they cared but it was easy to see they never thought twice about it! I thought of you as my mom really, well when i ws at school. People say “you can always talk to your teachers” and really kids don’t feel that way, but with you it was so easy to just talk and to answers with out feeling life a dumb little teenager! Sorry i have to go, i need to get my room done now, lol. I lvoe you Mrs, G. Talk to you later.

Love Always,

Chelsey Strunk

Chelsey Strunk says:


Just stoping by to let you know that i am trying out for my own t.v. show this weekend. I cant wait it is going to be a blast, even if i dont make it=D. This is somehting i have always wanted to do. Please e-mail me, i would love to talk to you about it. talk to you later love ya

Love Always,
Chelsey Srunk

Lei Lei says:

Hey Mrs. Griffin!
Hope everything is well in Waterloo!
I miss you 😦
No offense to her, but the drama teacher now is NOWHERE as good as you. *Underlines “NOWHERE” with a big, obxious, red sharpie.*
Musical theater is fun, we’re doing Cinderella (the original! :o)
And um….I’m not taking Drama….because you’re not teaching it…*sigh*
But that’s ok 😀
I will keep building my resume to be as good as you someday! Or something like that. 😀
Again, I miss you!
And my sister says hi and she would have loved to have you as a teacher. ❤

Woo for Waterloo,
Lei Lei

Lei Lei says:

Hellooo Mrs. Griffin!
Paris is beautiful, as always.
Tomorrow, we’re doing Finals (The pre-audition for Cinderella. AHHH!!!)
I’m singing Feelin’ Good from The Roar of the Crowd.
Apparently, Amber is coming to visit you in Belgium.
All of us are devilishly envious.
Brooke and Alec miss you too! We’re all friends now. 🙂
Merry Christmas, and have a Happy New Year. 😀

Stay in touch!!!

-Lei Lei

sixty6000mph says:

Mrs. Griffin!!
I don’t know whether or not you’ll remember me but… I just wanted to tell you how much of an impact you had with me.

Heading into the last semester of my senior year I’ve been thinking back on the teachers that really helped me to become the person I am. And I have to say, you are definitely one of the most influential teachers I’ve ever had.

I was in the first class you taught at SJH. Junior high was pretty tough for me; I was really shy and unsure of myself. But you really helped me come out of my shell and gain confidence. All the skills you taught have really stuck with me. I’m not so shy these days – I love public speaking and being in front of an audience now.

So I want to say thank you so, so much for everything!

Your student,
Lauren Bingham

Meaghan says:

Hello Mrs. Griffin,
How are you doing? How were your Holidays?
I have been busy back and forth from school to work. Trying to keep up my grades and get scholarships so I can get into ASU.

So e-mail me, i think it tells you my email, so we can catch up!
I miss you very very very very very much!

Meaghan W.

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