Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{February 10, 2017}   I really want to thank the Lord

Ubantu-Humanism, I can’t help but sing to the high heavens and be grateful. My formative spiritual life based off of Jesus Christ Superstar and Godspell. These shows cemented my life in theatre and we’re my first introduction to the Bible stories. I mean sure I hung with the after school Bible club ever once in a while in grade school, my parents took us to church once on Christmas with friends, and we had the privilege of attending an international Catholic school in Europe for a short sojourn in my junior high days.  It was that sojourn that my big bro and I purchased our first vinyl copy of both the original Broadway version and the movie soundtrack of Superstar which we both had only seen once many years earlier when my parents dropped us off at the local movie house/baby sitter. I was in the second grade my bro two years my senior when Ted Neeley’s vocal talents first enlightened our musical tastes. My parents bought us an eight track tape which we wore out.  Both of us fell in love with it then, we memorized every word. I did color pictures of some bible people in kindergarten, I recall, but not enough to recall much of the stories. I wanted to be Mormon when I loved Donny Osmond in the fourth grade and I wanted to be Lutheran when I loved Paul Daughtery in the 10th. But never enough to actually follow religion. I wasn’t baptized as a child. My mom brought us up on “Do unto others. Love thy neighbor” but not much more.  It’s been almost six years since I gave my mustard seed to Jesus in a bathtub in the Narrows Inn in Ketchikan with my friend Taya.  I must say there has been a greater peace for me. I have had to come to a compromise with the man upstairs that I am where I am supposed to be; Teaching kids, teaching here in Oregon. It’s hard when your love is a mariner/ pilot and you love what you do, and he loves what he does including flying on frozen lakes and going glider flying and scuba diving and all the wonderful activities that are 97% sure to puke for you, but I’d risk it and have many times in heartbeats to be with the one I love. Unfortunately, or fortunately I have a job/career, that is also wonderful, exhilarating and time consuming but it keeps me in one area for a contracted time, no just up and go to Arizona or Alaska or Fiji willy nilly, I can only do those things on summer break or Christmas, and those things don’t always align with Magyver Bond, the OO7 of Wolf Creek. So I continue with the job I love and pray that I am where I am supposed to be and always look out for a theatre/English teacher position in Ketchikan and continue to write and create and guide our next generation of humans who are kind to one and other and think about their actions and how it affects others. And when I do my musical lesson plans I can use both JCS and Godspell to teach and learn and to live in the spirit for as long as I want. I get to do that. I get to walk into this big beautiful auditorium every day and teach these amazing kids and make theatre (I get motion sick sometimes here too, lol, dancing or walking down the spiral staircase of the outrageous catwalks). It’s so fun but I miss my love. So let’s just pray fellow praying type peeps that OO7 and my schedule aligns and or my plays take off so I can have a more convenient type job, or whatever because it’s God’s call. I am so grateful I have a job I love, a beautiful warm home, a smart handsome son and a furry best friend that I honestly S%#& rainbows. Speaking of rainbows Shambala Project is coming and we started with our Big Brother pre-shoot stuff and costumed some of Our Town today. It was a good day. Gotta get some sleep. Friday performances tomorrow and I think I just might perform some JC Superstar. Time to turn the kids on to my passion play. ”All good gifts around us come from Heaven above, oh thank the Lord, oh thank the Lord for all his love.”


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