Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{May 8, 2011}   Maverick Character

As we sit and watch the Lakers get physical with the Mavericks, scrapping, pinching, gouging, trying to hold on to a losing battle, in, probably, the final game of the quarter finals of the NBA 2011 championships, I am enjoying watching spoiled-sport, dirty players go down. Although our beloved Steve Nash and the Suns are out this year it is nice to witness a good guy team take down the bad boys. According to my other half, Kobe has an ATTITUDE, therefore should fail epically. It’s at 35 over the Lakers now, Sean Marion, a former Sun, hitting shots for the Mavericks. Kobe, is behaving himself, he hasn’t been thrown out of the game, yet. Kobe kept his cool, but the Lakers are now out, out of the game.

 Life is a game and there are always opponents. I guess we choose whether to bow out gracefully or play dirty. That choice determines character. It is Mother’s Day, and it was my mother who gave me character. I think all mothers spout, “What does not kill us, builds our character.” I always quipped back to my mother, “I am character enough!” Anywhoo, speaking of character, I got to play a glamorous one last night at the RMHS Prom. And today, getting the glory, and electronic, technological practice of photo-shopping, I get to create, and with that makes me giggle and question at all the money I spent on theatrical photos for so many years in Hollywood. You gotta love technology! I have fashioned myself a new postcard! So there you go, hire me! But the school year is winding down, I am getting the pleasure of rest and relaxation in my newly remodeled home, and my mother’s day present from my men is cooperation in a family photo, so I best get to it. Happy Mother’s Day all, congratulations Mavericks and may the Good Guy finish first!

1995 – expensive Hollywood Photographer                                                                                                               2011-Mo/Child photographer

I haven’t really changed that much.


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