Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{September 8, 2011}   What to do?

Writers write. Yes, I write, I have been writing in between the writing for career ladder, and the new design templates we teachers have to do this year, reference letters, essays for Arizona Teacher of the Year, editing a puppet show and my passion project play using the musical stylings of Mr. Samuel Roy Hagar. So I fear my Blog has suffered to the extent that I probably won’t follow the guidelines of my Creative Writing students who presented “How to Write an Online Blog” and KISSS, keep it simple and somewhat  short.

In a nut shell, I am overwhelmed again with the fast and fury of the school year! I am blessed with humongous classes of wonderful teenagers eager to learn. Oh my, what a grand super-marchet of new raw talent, and the amusement we’re having creating an original Bread and Puppet style puppet show (that’s like 14 foot puppets for those of you who don’t know) in our outdoor amphitheatre in November, this show is for younger children and will center on bullying and solutions, our main stage show, Almost Maine,  I am producing and mentoring a student’s directing, getting ready for Shakespeare competition in Utah, directing Hamlet and mentoring a new student teacher. Take a breath Ms. G, take a breath. That is just a little bit of what my adventures have consisted of since returning from my summer spirit walk (sojourn to Alaska and back).

Lucky, yet unlucky, my other half is still working for the man, on the Alaska Marine Highway. I miss my days at sea I do. Although Sam does an entirely different job than I did, the life of a mariner is always an adventure. But it is what it is in the economy so he will be there for a few more weeks, anyway, we make it work somehow. But in his absence over the years I have perfected my craft enough to be nominated for Arizona’s Teacher of the Year. Silk purse into sow’s ear. Scratch that, reverse.  Our unconventional lifestyle has also allowed me the time and gives me the material to write. And kids, what do writers do? Writers write. How’s that for KISSS?


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