Adventures of a Drama Teacher


Merry Christmas to all! Peace on Earth, goodwill to men and WOMEN!


{December 21, 2007}  

real-small-manniken-pis.jpgmo-and-amber-dead-guy-small.jpg Some of my very favorite people visited from AZ. Favorite people and ex-students too. The few days they were here were bitter cold, but we managed to soak in a few sights such as a medieval monk’s abbey which I so cleverly had to tie into medieval theatre history,  and it made me think of a new play to write “The Flying Monk” ???! We also sojourned to the Grand Place avec the all too famous Mannekin Pis! One of the best things about teaching is knowing such wonderful people and watching them grow into fantastic human beings.

mierable-mo.jpgattitude-mo-and-the-tower-small.jpgtomi-and-the-arch.jpgchamps-elleeysay.jpgtomi-and-tower-small-yeah.jpgmo-and-tower-small-1.jpgme-and-tower-1small.jpgmo-first-class-small.jpg A day trip to Paris.

Feeling adventurous, or forcing myself to, Morrison and I took off for Paris on a cold December morning. We vacillated on the subject at 6:00 AM, and eventually went to the Waterloo “gare” to check out what we needed to do, possibly just for future reference. Well turns out for this  day they only had first class tickets left, and I also knew if I didn’t have the guts to do it, I would never do it, so off we went. It was nice to be served breakfast on the train, made us feel special. We arrived in Paris without problems and surprised myself by finding the Eiffel Tower without a hitch. It really is a spectacular site up close. I had seen it once from a far when my family drove through Paris in the 70s. We would have ascended but the lines were close to four hours long, and I say “nay” to that, so we traversed until we found the Arch de Triumph. Unfortunately, about this time it began to pour rain sideways and we were wet and cold and Mo was sniveling. I really tried to find the Lourve Museum, thought we’d take a look at the Mona Lisa, but Mo was already miserable and I soon got too cold, wet and sniveling to think too, so we headed back to the train station traveling down the famous Avenue Champs Elysee, and luckily because we had first class tickets, got an earlier train home. Even though it cost me as much as that coveted washing machine I want, it was worth it, because I was brave and did it. And if we end up moving back, in let’s say… this up coming year, I , at least, got to see, feel and touch Paris! What Mo liked best was there was so much dog poo on the streets, much more than in Belgium!


As most of you know I really enjoy decorating for Christmas. I had to buy all completely new this year, so it’s a little frugal but still merry. We are listening to carols now via the iPod, and missing our loved ones. Judith is coming for dinner, I fixed chicken soup.I jammed at school today on lesson plans for the new year and on getting things ready for the children’s theatre plays. Unfortunately, we have a lot less money to spend on plays here as in AZ, so there’s a lot of make-dos.  And the theatre is soooo big, a lot to fill up.Oh how I miss you all. 😦

lace-shop.jpg Mo and Belgian Lace.

outside-the-record-shop.jpg Mo by the record shop.outside-our-window.jpgDecor outside my apartment window (my silver car!)

tune-small.jpg La Toone!in-the-window-2.jpgToday at our window. I am not dressed Belgian!bruxelles-eyes.jpg

 Mo eyes!

Just a few photos, some of them taken on our trip to Bruxelles and some today at our window. More will come soon. There is a photo of La Toone a marionette puppet show that is still there. We were fascinated by it when we lived here in the 70s, also Mo outside one of the record shops my bro and I used to frequent. And the famous Belgian lace! Outside my window you can see my little silver/grey Peugeot Partner and the holiday lights put up by the village of Waterloo. 

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