Adventures of a Drama Teacher

I got my hair (cheveux) trimmed yesterday (une petit coupe) and chatted (parle) the entire time (tout les temp) with Rafael in French. I am just starting to hold my own with the language, my students asking why I am speaking so much French lately; all in the time when I am seriously thinking of returning to Arizona. The other day in my IB class the students did the three headed opera singer improv and the song was “I lost my moose” from the opera Alaska. This made me laugh, and made me cry inside as I miss Alaska, home, my American life. Yet, I am so challenged here. But the job in Arizona has the added challenge of teaching writing, which I am seriously thinking about enrolling in the University of Texas El Paso’s MFA creative writing program as I really want to become a published playwright/novelist/screenwriter someday. (They have an online program). So, although I love the challenge of the IB, learning French and the adventure of Europe, there is an adventure lying in Arizona/Alaska too. (I haven’t been offered a job YET, so I am trying not to get my pantloons in a bunch, but…)


Oh I miss food: Taco Bell, Sweet Tomatoes, El Pollo Loco, Jack in the Box. I am going to eat me some big time when I get home!!!!!


I talked to my brother for the first time in six years the other day (on my dad’s birthday). It was okay. A big fear, bug bear, gone.


Today is my mother’s birthday. When I talked to her I asked why I always lead with my heart and not my head, and she answered with, “Your heart keeps your head alive.”


et cetera