Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{July 12, 2011}   Remote LOVE

I woke to Sam’s call; off of watch and the need to stay another week on the Columbia Ferry working for the man. I was for-warned yet I was highly disappointed. But the day was blessed with sunshine and I took my upset-self out onto the deck to discover, like yesterday’s extreme giddy delight, another (or the same) pod of orcas dancing through our front yard as the Inner Island Ferry (not the one Sam is on) made its daily morning pass like clockwork. I guess Mo and I will ferry it again to Ketchikan Wednesday as the Columbia will be there for a few hours, take a tour of the Alaska Marine Highway cruiser with Sam, then we’ll spend another night with my good friend, and fellow across-the-bay neighbor, Taya, who works in town at a tourist shop during the summers.

 Sammy Hagar’s “Give to Live” started my day off and I spent more time than planned watching the whales dance, and skip; flipping as it they had just won the ocean’s lottery. Today I spotted at least three; yesterday’s delight, I cried I was in such extreme giddy, (forgive me but I have to say it was a whale-gasm) there were at least five of these, magnificent creatures of the sea, doing the whale bop nearest as I’ve ever seen them myself in our very yard, near Clark Bay on Prince of Wales. It makes me feel like I have won the lottery myself to have the grace of all majesty change my mood so quickly that it inspired such bold, warrior-princess-courage that Mo and I took the boat out and pulled the CRAB POTS!!!! BOO YA!!!!!! I caught crabs, the good kind. Sometimes, as my friend Noni touted today on her Facebook status, it’s just so flipping great to be me!

So, on the 4th Mo and I made our first courageous adventure in just taking the skiff to Hollis and then attempted to take our truck to the ferry terminal. But, alas, the newest addition to the used motor-vehicles Sam doctors, wouldn’t start (my bad, I, not having hands on experience with this rig, forgot what Sam had told me to do, sort of like growing up with my dad and the stand on one foot, hold your right pinky in the air and blink while you touch tinfoil to make things run) but we were saved by the local Taquan air lady and new friend, Sandra, who took Mo and I the two mile jaunt (I used to run this all the time with Matt) to the terminal and then picked us up when we got back from our over-night stay in K-town.

Although it was cold and miserable on our country’s independence day in Ketchikan, we watched the somewhat rinky-dink parade, Mo competed for candy and we were determined to have a great time as both Mo and I reminded ourselves of the Cold Wet Rainy Day we spent in Paris having fun. We did enjoy a Johnny Cash impersonator at the Fish Pirate Saloon and sat and looked at the cruise ships as I informed Mo of my days on the sea here in Alaska. Although the singer vocally mimicked The Man in Black, he himself had another physical look that was interesting with white hair and matching handlebar mustache. He took a break and the establishment played “Joy to the World” which is always a sign from the powers that be to me. We hiked around downtown looking for art, chocolate, and eventually saw a movie, Transformers, which I didn’t really like, but, hey, we were out of the rain. Then we proceeded to Taya’s pad and she and I stayed up all night, as girls do, chatting.

Another ferry ride (not the one Sam is on) and Mo and I made it back to Wolf Creek and I spent a day cleaning and painting; for Sam’s dad, step mom and guests came out and I played hostess for a day and a half, and a good one too, I made breakfasts, dinners etc. When they left, we preceded them in our skiff and I was surprised with giddiness at a whale diving down in front of Mo and I as we so boldly drove the boat to Hollis. When we got to the dock, I followed Sam’s instructions and Boo Ya made truck go and Mo and I traversed into Craig and had yummy, yummy pizza, did some shopping, and felt triumphant.

 But then today’s news; I am to be challenged without my mate for another week, that is okay because Sammy Hagar is with me, and “if you want love, you’ve got to give a little”. If it wasn’t such a warm day I’d be wrapped in my Sam’s (fluffy-puffy) shirt as I was immediately this morning after his call but before the fickle Southeast Alaska weather decided it would be a beautiful day, all day.

We are remote, but what a place to be; foxgloves are booming, The Red Rocker is crooning, whales are jumping, and we got crabs.


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