Adventures of a Drama Teacher

Two more days! Or I should say 2 more classes and I am home free! Well, I am kind of homeless right now, but I will be on my way back to AZ, then we leave for Belgium on the 7th. So much to do, so little time. My thesis project planning is well underway. Just gotta get it cast now and begin rehearsals. Along with teaching IB theatre and a dance class which I am not used to. In a school I am not used to. In a country I am not used to. What am I crazy?! I am thinking so, but it’s too late to turn back now. Soon I will be saying goodbye to Ellensburg forever. Three years (summers) of my life spent here and I am finally done. WOW!!!!!!!!!! HALAYLOOOOOOOOYA! Guess I better finish packing. Love to all.


{July 2, 2007}   Grad. School Woes

I will take a quick break from my studies and jot down the latest and greatest. I am inundated with work getting visas, my Belgian apartment, and my thesis read. I have chosen Up the Down Staircase, about a new teacher and her clash with the bureaucracy at her school while altruistically trying to reach and teach her students. Funny there are a lot of parallelisms in this book to my latest adventures. Anyhow, I have the source book to write which entails all the forms, as well as analytical stuff like script, character, concepts, designs etc. Then I also have a very difficult class called analysis and criticism. I finally have learned how to spell criticism! It is so over my head sometimes I think I might spontaneously combust! Where’s Porter when I need him?!

But the really big news is that Mr. Johnson, aka. the high school teacher that my fabulous ex-students feed into is here too!! Yes, he took me up on my advice about the program. He isn’t in any of my classes thus far as I am a third year and he is beginning but we have chatted a few times about my wonderful kids he will be inheriting in August. I wish you could have seen my surprise when we hooked up at the “Welcome Back” BBQ. He’s going to take over and do Pirates of Penzance since I won’t be there to do it.

My sweetie significant other flew up and surprised me the first night I was here too, and off he flew the next morning. He’s in Alaska now.

Let me tell you it’s just non-stop. Even though I officially only have one class at this very moment I have done nothing but read, write, research, read, write, research, shampoo, rinse, repeat, and I STILL feel like I am behind! Gee, could I use more exclamation points!?Tomorrow I will take off back down to Portland to see my baby for the 4th. He’s at camp now and should be home tonight or tomorrow. My best-friend/cousin is taking care of him.Okay, I guess I need to get back to the director’s concept or Jung or Freud (scary thoughts!) 

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