Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{July 28, 2008}   It’s that TIME again

Okay kiddies, it’s that time again. I do think I will work at the school Wednesday – Friday in my classroom and getting to know the theatre. I probably won’t be there before 10:00 AM, but if you want to come by and help me find stuff you are very welcome.


I saw “Oliver” with Mr. J (RM choir director) and Mrs. Turley and the new dance and drama teachers from Shepherd last night. Great show and I found out from Mr. J (head of performing arts RM) that I CAN do “Much Ado about Nothing” and Pirates of Penzance this year. So those are the tentative big shows for the year. Auditions for ADO will be the first week of school, probably Thursday and Friday after school until 5:30 PM. You can prepare a Shakespeare monologue (I know you all know how to do this or have one already because I taught you this). Have a picture and resume ready as well (taught you this too).


See you in a few!


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