Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{August 27, 2007}   First Day

Not bad, not bad. As expected they maneuvered the dance class and now I am not teaching it, and I am very happy about this. One less thing! My students were for the most part fabulous! I am very excited now, but I still don’t have internet or a phone at home so I gotta go, I will update soon I hope.


{August 23, 2007}   Overload

Sorry I am still too busy to update. Everything takes so much longer here to do. I still don’t have a phoneline or internet at home so in my downtime I cannot update as I used to.

School starts Monday. I will really need my advanced students (they are called IB students here) to help me organize and clean up the mess that is here now, or at least show me where everything is. My schedule is overloaded at this point so I don’t know if I will be teaching dance or what. I am fearing the overload and have brought it up to my superiors, but have not heard what the solution is so far. Like last year when I worked musical theatre (which I loved) for nearly free, I cannot do it again this year at a new school, learning two new subjects (IB and dance). Something has got to give. I am alone down in the drama room which gets forgotten about when it comes to taking out the trash and cleanup. I also don’t have keys for everything yet, and you all know I am used to having copious keys!

I really need to be off now, as the sidewalks roll up at 6:00 PM and I need to purchase minutes for my cell phone (called a GSM or mobil here) and get some things at the shop before they close. I miss my students and my colleques greatly. I love you all.

So much to do so little time. I will add photos when I get completely set up.

I am here and working my derriere off getting my apartment set up. Everything here takes twice as long, and there is so much bureaucracy/red tape, and everything is twice as expensive. But it is great fun on the minutes that I am not overwhelmed. I go from elation to overwhelmed/scared to excitement etc. etc.


My apartment is really cute, but like my sister said, “You cannot smell over the internet” and yes, the former tenants smoked. I will have to paint. Again, I promise to put pictures in as soon as I get set up with internet at home.

I have a very gracious hostess, my former English teacher who will be retiring next year. She has taken us to Ikea for shopping, what an experience THAT was. She also took us to a Labyrinth in the Ardennes on Sunday. It was acres of corn fields made into a giant dragon maze. We had a great time and got to see some of the country. We passed the famous Lion of Waterloo on the way. I have been there before, but will be going there again soon I hope. We don’t have a car yet so we are pretty reliable on others so far. We can walk to school in about 20 minutes and our apartment is in downtown Waterloo Center so everything we might need is close.

I really need to get to my classroom clean up, so take care everyone until I get a chance to update again. Please keep the comments and emails coming, I love to hear from you, and here is my new address.


Chausee de Bruxelles 197

1410 Waterloo, Belgium

{August 5, 2007}   Hairspray

I just saw the most fantastic musical movie! Hairspray! How often do you go to a movie and have a continuous smile, and tapping toes and even WANT to stand and clap at the end? This movie was so colorful, adorable, witty, snappy, fun and had a fabulous message. Stand up for what is right. I wish everybody would take a lesson from Tracy Turnblad.

I would love to direct and produce this musical/play someday.

We (Mo and I) are off to sojourn across the pond on Tuesday.

Love to all.

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