Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{October 8, 2011}   I DREAM

Inside the bottle

I wanted to be Jeanie. Growing up in the 70s that was the thing. I was overly dramatic, I suppose, then too. I vividly remember pretending in my room that I was locked in my bottle by my master. It wasn’t so bad, yeah, Barbara Eden’s character was vexed a time or two by the imprisonment. But man, I always thought, “I WANT to be in THAT  BOTTLE!” My fantasy room, the shiny, the sparkle, the subtle 70s sexual innuendo. I could imagine the satin, the colors, the textures. Stereotypically girls want to be a Princess or Queen of their own country (marry a Prince) but No, I wanted to be dominated by a flyboy. A goofy-ass flyboy.

I am intrigued I had never reflected too much on my childhood Jeanie obsession before, what with the myriad of journal topics and activities I have done with my students over the years. I mean stuff like, “What celebrity would play you, in a movie about your life?” and “Who is your celebrity crush?” I don’t have one now, really,  that I can think of, so I told my kids, Donny Osmond, because that is the very first celebrity crush I ever had, and which prompted my purple passion which leads me back to my Jeanie obsession.

Since moving into, and remodeling and decorating, this house with my goofy-ass flyboy spouse, I have nearly completed my dream bedchamber. And the more I dance around it deep in reflection, listening to either the randomness of Saturday morning acoustic rock or Sammy Hagar letting my thoughts wander or concentrate on writing at hand, I realize my room is inside Jeanie’s bottle. The colors, the style, the textures! Satin and lace pillows. Surprisingly again, I have never googled Jeanie or Wikipediad before this date, but today I did, and sure enough this is where my style began. I guess I need to create a new costume for my repertoire. I have designed and built one of these before, The Apple Tree (Lady and the Tiger),  in high school. It wasn’t PINK though.

Future Fly-Boy?

The Grandbaby in my Jeanie Bed. Will he be a future Fly-boy/Pilot like his mama and grandpa? It is my baby’s birthday today, he is a teenager officially. Happy Happy Joy Joy, Oh happy day with joyous glee.


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