Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 28, 2008}   Back in the Saddle

I’m back in the saddle again.


I still haven’t adjusted to the time zone, so I am still zoning (now I literally know the term).Mo and I have managed to eat at Jack in the Box, two days ago after stopping by my new school and getting my keys and schedule, meeting the secretaries etc. We ate at Taco Bell today and tonight we have tickets to see Oliver at the Broadway Palms dinner theatre. Two of my ex-students are in this professional show.


I really miss my students in Belgium but am excited to see my students here. I even ran into one of them at my favorite store-Wal-Mart.


Keep in touch everyone!


{June 15, 2008}   There’s no place like home

Car went bye bye today. Nous marcherons demain et le reste de la semaine. I am down to the futon, table and chairs, clothes; Mo’s bed the TV stand and a few other bits and bobs.


I am almost home. “Next time I go searching for my heart’s content I will look no further than my own backyard.” 


{June 7, 2008}   Official

Well, it is official my darlings. I am coming home, back to the sunshine; a new beginning at Red Mountain.


Yesterday was the last day of classes at St. John’s and it was very melancholy. I will even miss my nemesis class as they will I; we really grew on each other. I actually had Virgin Pina Coladas with them at the pub last night. Funny here that 15-18 year olds can go to the pubs. I have stayed away this entire year, but they cajoled me into it last night; it was quite a group gathering. When I lived here in the 70s all the students hung out at a pub called Joli Bois, now it’s the Snug Pub.


I have two weeks to get my stuff out of my flat (all going to charity to save me the mass effort of trying to get down the narrow stairs etc. I had brought it all up in intervals over the 10 month sojourn, and I really don’t want to put the effort into bringing it back down, so whoever wants it and will come get it, go for it!).


Today was graduation; I didn’t go as I couldn’t get a babysitter. All my students were there and Judith was there, and Mo’s friends were out of town. That’s okay, I am having a melancholy day anyway, as I stated before.


My students here signed me up on Facebook, so now I can keep contact with them that way, and you in AZ can look that up too.


Okay guys keep the cookies waiting and I will see you soon. My love to all.


BTW “Go Obama!”

{June 4, 2008}   Believe

It’s the last three days of classes then two weeks of final exams. My students have performance finals. Last night was the Performing Arts Awards ceremony and today our last school assembly and my 10th grade boys performed a fabulous realism scene about drinking and teenage pregnancy. Every time my kids have performed at the assemblies all the students say, “That was the best assembly ever!” Even the principal commended me and my students. It is so sad that I am leaving, yet happy to be going where I finally realize is my home. Life is life and although I always have delusions of grandeur that because I live by the Golden Rule so should others, I know now, unfortunatly, that is just a fallacy. Anyway, tears have flown, flewed, flowed are flowing, BEEN SHED, but it’s onwards and upwards and a new adventure awaits. I was looking for some jewelry yesterday while getting myself dolled up for the awards night and I picked out of one of my heart shaped boxes (yes, I collect heart shaped things as I wear my heart on my sleave {name that Shakespeare play}) a little pink bag with a silver square piece, I believe Raeleen gave to me last year, that reads, “Things Happen for a Reason” on one side, and “Believe” on the other. I needed to read that, at that precise moment. I also received in the mail two boxes of Hot Tamales and a bag of York Peppermint Patties from my sister. Somebody loves me!

et cetera