Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 7, 2012}   2012 I have been waiting for you

Fabulous Fridays flee fast and furious.

Happy New Year! And as usual it is always a busy one for me. The Tragic Tale of the Dane demands my attention; well, teaching in general demands my attention. I have one assignment left to knock out to finish my 45 hour SEI class, which as usual I learned something from and rather enjoyed though it stole quite a few (3 days holed up wearing my flannel  RED pajamas, on my “Princess Bed” {so my son calls it},  with my laptop reading and planning and writing  and hop, skip and a jumping through what we teachers call flaming red hoops). Again, I enjoyed it and have one of my student aids making me up a Spanish cognate board with theatre terms to give some color to my blackbox theatre style classroom. Today was one of those perfect days as an educator. All my days are a whirlwind of pinball action, improv, experience and performance. Every child I interact with, I enjoy their company. I love to watch them grow as human beings. Fridays we play paperball and do improv and perform. I have quite a few unique students this year, I love them all. Tomorrow, I am on a theatre run as I do before each show. The depot, the fabulous fabric store and Fun City for stage make-up and guns (ideas? I don’t know as we’re vacillating on the appropriate way to portray this part of our play with recent tragic events at school).

I am happy as the new-year brings. Excited for my classes each day, excited for every new play. Into the Woods is after Hamlet. The end of the school year will be next. I hope to finish Red, aka Buying My Way into Heaven, rough draft by the end of the school year, (I actually initiated my guitar player from Shambala into the writing team today, excited, excited, excited as he is on my passion project team in my Creative Writing class so now we can write the libretto as we write the dialogue and story too. We are still libretto poor for Shambala which that, and the rights search, are holding us up!

We had lovely Australian students visiting today, they were beyond adorable. One of my Creative Writing students whom used to be one of my drama students brought her Australians into the Theatre 2 class just so they could experience the Zoo Woe and another one of my warm-ups. And in theatre 1 we had the two blond Auzzie boys start off our Speak the Speech with Australian accents. What a delight!

007 is off again on a secret mission which gives me the liberty to put all my passion into teaching and writing and all the other fun and exciting activities I engage in like painting my French doors, reading Halo with my son or visualizing my next writing project; maybe a Romance Novel!

The only downer for me is I have a sullen teen. Ah, life cannot be without at least one woe.


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