Adventures of a Drama Teacher

Celebrity for a week, try it on and see if that is truly what you want.  With the award winning play “The Square” by Michael Wallace produced and supervised by Red Mountain Theatre Director Tomi Griffin and student directed by Brittney Johnson, the Red Mountain Thespian troupe got to experience celebrity more than once having competed with the show at three preliminary contests and then were showcased as Arizona’s Best at the grand finale, “The International Thespian Festival” held in Lincoln at the University of Nebraska in June.


Twelve students, two parent chaperones and  one teacher from Red Mountain spent an entire week of theatre-watching the best of the best of high school theatre, learning from multiple workshops, networking for college scholarships and going “ga ga” over the other teenage celebrities with two new main-stage shows and several award winning one acts a day. It was truly a theatrical experience of a lifetime and the Red Mountain Theatre Club intends to shoot for the star treatment again and again.


The food wasn’t bad either.


international groupe from Red Montain


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