Adventures of a Drama Teacher


I love Facebook because even if I can’t actually call to talk in order to catch up, or thank people: friends, students, parents, former acquaintances whom I would like to have had a better friendship; Facebook allows that in a world where I have to play mommy sometimes and I feel guilty that I don’t do enough of that, and I am still so very behind on work (got an observation with my principal Tuesday, got to get Pirates broken down and ensemble cast worked out and a rehearsal schedule, get my tapes done to finish my orals, meetings for Internationals and every fund raiser or activity has it’s own paper work, study flight lessons, stay in shape, go grocery shopping, not to mention Christmas shopping) and I so want to keep in touch with my friends too.


So…Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears and let me say I MISS YOU ALL and wish you Happy Holidays AND thank you all because this past year, “I got by with a little help from my friends.”


Since I last wrote I managed to pull off Much Ado about Nothing and my students were fabulous as usual. I was super proud I directed a full length Shakespearean show that turned out so extremely well. After that I took my students to the Arizona Thespian Festival and we won first in state for One Acts and will be taking our show to the International competition in Lincoln, Nebraska in June.


As you can see by my first paragraph, and the fact I haven’t updated in almost 3 months, I have been a wee bit busy.


Friends, students and family that read this: I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALL!



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