Adventures of a Drama Teacher

Tomi Griffin-Official Soccer Mom-Drama Teacher-Hopeless Romantic-Friend-Soon to be Pilot.

Mo had his first match today which they won! Mo plays defense.

The Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre is this Friday. My kids are fabulous!

Had my second flat tire ever last night. The last one was in Belgium. Funny that I made it thus far in life without any and two within a six month span. My over-protective tech students fixed it for me. I love my job!


{September 6, 2008}   Students, Students, Everywhere!

Mo and I ate at KFC a few nights ago. Two of my former students are now working there. I am so amazed at how they have grown up. One of the girls I had when she didn’t speak a lick of English, and now she’s fluent. I love seeing my students out and about. They work all over the area I live so I see them at the movie theatre, restaurants and stores.


Mo has been playing soccer so I am making friends with the soccer-moms and dads. I wonder if that is anything like Sarah Palin’s hockey-mom. While I appreciate Ms. Palin’s accomplishments as a woman, I sure don’t see how she could be a hockey-mom of five and run this country too, something has got to give. I can hardly run my life and my ONE son with my job that is more than a 9-5er.


Speaking of that it’s Saturday and I am off to work at school with the kids on their upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. I am so proud of them; they are really doing a professional job with it, and I haven’t had to do hardly any work myself which is FANTASTIC and unusual.



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