Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 16, 2017}   a better place


I have lost track of the snow days. I may have gone all “Here’s Johnny” by now but instead I chose to slay the Purple Dragon once again by painting my (turns out to be a lot bigger than I thought) walk in closet. It’s just what I do. Pull on the overalls, zone out to my favorite rock and roll and let my mind go as I dance paint. I know it will delight me when I am triumphant. But in order to win, one must play the game. It reminding me of another meditative paint fugue I went into 5 or so years ago in Alaska.

closet girl.jpg

Painting is therapeutic to me. Color is therapeutic. Once my world is in order I can sit down and focus on my writing. A Theory of a Deadman, Who, Tom Petty. Still want CCR, Eagles, and have notes already on Kix. I love music, I love writing, I can’t make myself stop. I hope I have time for puppet shows this year, they turned out so well last year. But alas, how many days have we lost to Mother Nature’s cold streak now? We’ll be lucky to be ready for regionals much less state etc and our winter and spring shows for that matter!



On the bright side Morrison is improving daily, getting skinnier and happier by the day. He’s worked so hard to lose 75 lbs since July! I wish he’d let me take a picture but alas pictures and males in my life have never mixed too well with this social media stuff. But I digress, I was thinking during my paint fugue that Mr. Mojo Rising will be entirely able to move out or take care of himself financially and physically in a few years, then I can do whatever I want to do! I mean I love, love, love my job and want to stay here/there till at least my niece Chelbi graduates and I get to produce more of my bucket list shows and promote my own work. But I have also always dreamed about living in a place in Ketchikan and writing and spending  time at Wolf Creek and writing in the little cabin there. Then there’s acting work in LA and artist work in LA I could work for Johnny Depp in a roundabout way if I wanted to work for Gregg in LA. I could teach in any place in the world, I have and I could (as long as I could take my dog I would) , I could go to LA with Cathy and do extra work and read books and write, write, write. I could go back to Mesa, act in professional Shakespearean  playsa and be warm at night.  I could go back to school and get my PHD?eye-on-prize Oh lord the world is an oyster to me!!  Problem is I won’t eat oysters. Unless I had to sell it for an acting job. I know the kinds of jobs I’d get too. Lol.

I got to get up early and put my closet back together. I am making this house everything I want it to be if I choose to stay here for at least 10 years you see. You never know. Stay tuned for the show. Pictures will be included. Happy 2017 my lovelies, what is most important is being kind to every person, place and thing you come into contact with including yourself, leave the world a better place for having YOU in it. Ubuntu


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