Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 2, 2017}   2017 is…

Snow outside my window, again, the last day off before school or will it be? Happy New Year 2017!  2016, what a rush! Not just in the beginning where I was still so new to my job at Sandy High but the world had/has gone crazy too and finished like the meme of the dude going down the slide and wiping out uncontrollably at the end (maybe I can link it).

But as I finished my sit ups listening to one of my favorite Tom Petty songs, well I’d say the Tom Petty song that might describe me the most , “I won’t back down” I think of how to sum up 2016 and go into 2017. I guess I haven’t told you my thespians won the NWOC (North West Oregon Competition?) with Vowels, we swept the student director, and actor awards there too in February. We produced a very 80s version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest in May, brilliant and fun, I loved every minute of it and Gregg designed and came up here from LA and built/rigged our set. Too bad Sandy is not yet cultured to Shakespeare, but they soon will be. This show we used Bunraku puppetry, lots of great light effects and rock and roll icons, I’ll post a pic here




If was a tough year on Morrison, he lost his best friend and was struggling with the transition moving to Sandy from Mesa. He did though, graduate, still a year early and now has finished his first semester in community college. He has grown tall and good looking. He is who he is though. Summer for me was spent working with Morrison on finishing high school, hiking with the dog, conceptualizing Annie and at school learning my auditorium and the inventory, I got a week in Alaska and the rest was learning, learning, learning electronics and film, just whatever I can teach myself and with the help of my high tech kid and students. I even have an Instagram now. I have snapchat too, just not the time to play around enough to capture a fabulous enough selfie to post. Oh my gosh, the best or one of the best things of 2016 is I/we bought my house in Sandy, and (you must picture Molly Shannon here when I say this) I  love it, love it love it!! Thank you Captain Sam!

I finally just painted my bedroom Purple Dragon same color as my bedroom in Arizona.

And again picture Molly Shannon here, I love it, I love it, I love it! I guess I am easily pleased. My Christmas break didn’t go as planned, we didn’t ski or do a photo shoot because no how matter how good you are, life happens and my BFF Cathlin’s brother died unexpectedly so we again had to stop and take into account how lucky we are to live each day and to be loving to every person you come into any kind of contact with whether it be face to face or in this cyber space of the internet world. We didn’t pencil this into our plans. I did though get to spend time with Gregg and his elderly parents, I met up with fellow Sandy High Thespians for lunch (down town Portland, you go girl, big city) Oh I went to Portland, drove and took my niece Chebi and my BFF cradle baby cousin Tina to see Wizard of Oz and it was great! Loved the multimedia. See I am not such a homebody! I saw several of the plays that Sandy Actor’s Theatre performed this year with Tina, Chebi and Sarah, oh and Tiff, Shakespeare Unabridged. Kind of freaked her out, but theatre people do freak non-theatre people out sometimes. See my year was full, yes it was! As I sit here on my gorgeous Captain’s bed, a birthday present 2010, that makes me feel like a Queen I realize I made it through another birthday, my lovelies all here save Cathlin (still dealing with brother issues) and Sarah didn’t come over because of…snow.

I need to go into school and grade journals, I did not procrastinate, really, we have had several snow days, and I have been in and out of the school for other reasons all break, I still haven’t listened to Godspell and that was on my list, I watched High School Musical last night with Chelbi and decided against it, it just doesn’t do it for me, even though I love, love, love the collector’s book Grama Romey dropped off for me. It’s now maybe Beauty and the Beast (I have done it before and it is a killer, or, Sweet & Innocent, that is what I am proposing) which door will they choose?

So here we are contemplating 2017, Ubantu be kind; here are my classroom rules and this covers everything really 1)Be Kind (don’t be mean unless in a scripted scene) 2) don’t waste time (this you cannot get back) 3) Don’t litter (respect yourself and the world) Remember you cannot help others unless you take care of yourself first. Breathe, meditate on peace. I love you all. GRIFFIN Then David Bowie Let’s Dance comes on the radio reminds me of Whobabe and my student Arianna and how much I love my life.




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