Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{December 18, 2016}   I am because we are.

Cathy and me sometime in the 90s?

I guess I best procure some new skis if I am to succumb to the Pacific Northwest which I traded for the snowbird life style of the South West.


Relaxing in AZ


I guess I can go back there to “vacay” as the high school kids would call it, but not this Christmas as oo7 is on ships this year, and right now he’s finishing off his secret mission to Fiji. So alas we are in the beautiful Pacific North West under what my BFF Cathy Kennedy has been calling “Snowmagedden”. In the last two weeks we missed a total of six days of school. In the 13 years I was in Mesa, we never missed a day because of weather. It is kind of nice though, as I get the projects done around the house like dance vacuuming etc. You all know how I love to dance clean? Listening to my loyal KGON (since high school days man, this be the station I dig while in the PDX realm) so I go with the flow. Which is another gift from God, it takes me so many places, especially a lot of the British Invasion, and The Who. So I have to stop and think of how lucky I am to be alive and to have the choices I have in life. I am ever so excited to be directing, again, Our Town, and stage managing Shambala, and all the fun and exciting activities I have planned for the new year. But over Christmas break I have Gregg in town, Becky’s party, Rob’s party and my birthday photo shoot, and hopefully at least one day ski, that is my yearly goal, so it may happen over this holiday break. It will be a goal if I get chains for my car today, as it is after all Sunday, and technically a day of rest. I did do sit ups though, God, and there’s dog do in the yard, is that work? Yes, that is, that is work. But sometimes OCD just sets in. Let’s just see if Gregg can cajole me out of the house.


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