Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 19, 2011}   I’m on the inside, that’s where I’ve been

“I’m on the inside, looking in, I’m on the inside, that’s where I been.” How do we chase our demons away? “There’s me, there’s him, there’s you and there’s us, all by the same name, so what’s the fuss?” ~Sammy Hagar.

I realize more than ever how much of my life I have successfully chronicled. I know there’s photos out there I have yet to discover and I have a new box (industrial size) waiting for me at my mother’s in Boring too. But now I am yet again sequestered in Alaska. There are some photos here that I have collected of the family in the scanning pile, they have to wait until Sam has time to scan them for me, then send ‘em over via the electronic highway. But in the meantime I am pursuing my passions, one of them learning photography myself. I have on several occasions, one which has been chronicled thus far in this odyssey of mine, been the photographer and stylist; with my sister’s friends, my friends and family, and friends, and students that are friends (yeah only friends will let friends dress them up and play model). Don’t get me wrong, I love, love being the model myself but it’s rather difficult to take a really good picture of oneself, oh it can be done, but it is difficult, so I use other people. Unfortunately my boys refuse to cooperate for the most part, claiming that they are not drama queens. But I eventually win and get a little modeling from them, eventually. So if I do not have cooperation at the time, or I am alone I search for wondrous pictures to take. Hence shoe art. My father always said, he did, “put people into your photographs otherwise it might as well be a postcard” and or “one can never really tell when the picture was taken without people in it”. Since I am model poor today, and the lighting isn’t right to take fabulous photos of myself and I am too lazy to set up my camera and timer (I need myself a tripod I do) I have been taking “My Boots” pictures on my iphone to document the glorious things I see whilst dance and exercising to Sammy Hagar and the likes of deserving Rock and Rollers. See facebook for photos.

Since the beginning this entry a few days ago, we have gone to the grandparents via the boat and truck, Mo and I learning how to drive both (Oh I am okay with the truck but not really comfortable with the boat and Mo had his first driving lesson in the truck which was great fun indeed {need another box of Clairol I do}) I have had several meditational trips to the waterfall, danced to the cabin, flew to Ketchikan for breakfast with our neighbor friends, and baited the long line (this is so much fun let me tell you, frozen herring with guts hanging out you have to put on these big hooks and your hand is so freezing you think you might stab yourself with the hook and scales and guts are falling all over your boots and our boat captain is not happy go lucky like The Skipper, he’s SURLY on the boat, oh it’s amusing but you gotta pay attention!}) Again, don’t get me wrong, I am not a wimp, I can fish along with the best of the girls (well maybe not THE BEST only cause I don’t want to, it’s gross). Speaking of gross, a mouse just ran across the counter!

I ordered Sammy Hagar’s book so I can finish reading it and write a musical with his work. I read an episode of Cold Case (research purposes for another script) and almost finished Othello again (just for the fun of it). My students are getting antsy; I must read the edited version of Twelfth Night my student director sent and put my two cents in and get to conceptualizing the show more completely. Sam is off on the Columbia Ferry tomorrow and it could be up to two weeks until he gets back so I’ll have more time to read and write. We set the line again this morning (not as gross with the herring I must have psyched myself out better) and we combed the Alaskan beaches after setting the crab pots. We are now working on the old cabin and I had to crawl under it to give Sam some tools, so all kinds of adventure going on here (spider bites to prove it!).

As I listen to the Red Rocker’s “ Inside Lookin’ In” again, I am reminded of the meditational exercises I have learned and have been using since joining Sam at his hypnotherapy study in Santa Fe, New Mexico a few years ago. Sure I meditated before with certain relaxation exercises I learned in acting classes, but now I can get myself completely in the moment. And here at Wolf Creek I am at peace. Maybe that’s how to chase the demons away Mr. Hagar. That, and take copious pictures.

P.S. We caught two halibut today!

We catch fish!


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