Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 11, 2011}   Bright and Shiny Boxes (written a day before I took off on current adventure)

Act III. Scene II

As I listen the one of the gawds of Rock N Roll, Bon Jovi, and look up just which scene Shakespeare’s eyesore is known for, I read a scene from Taming of the Shrew and laugh so hard that I now maybe want to do Shrew instead of Hamlet next year. There are too many plays and too little time and I have too many deserving, talented, just good people students, to cast. Casting is difficult but on top of that I am losing my seniors and I cried.

I like boxes. I like organizational tools and thingys. I love bright and shiny objects and I love my friends. I am not sure whether to say I love my sanity, or not, because I am not really sure if I am sane or not so if I should love my state or not. But I do so love to be in a good mood and having my things in a neat and tidy order helps mama be happy. Therefore I am adding to my chronicle, nesting, organizational vision quest I am on, I am completely re-doing my costume room at school (you may follow that I have started a costume catalogue so that the storage of the valuable assets aren’t/isn’t destroyed by the whimsical, yet ferocious, and predictably unpredictable tornado that is high school students, and it creates a business for them). So the costume closet at school is receiving a make-over. So is my office. There are so many cards and letters I have accumulated over the years from students and colleagues, the ones you stash away here and there to pull out and read at random times, I bought a special box to store them in. I also bought a beautiful container to amass the copious cards and letters I am sifting, and archiving at home postulating on whether to send them to each of the writers as a gift with a beautiful ribbon tied around. The amazing incite I find in the lucky few to get my complete attention tonight as I decipher who sent each one and which category I should place it in. The Belgium friend pile, gymnastics/5th 6th grade bundle, my early friends, the last semester 8th grade notes from Orient, Tina, Cathy, The Enchanted Forest few and the many ghosts of boyfriends (friends who were boys) past etc. etc. It is amazing how many of these letters are from my friends I have found on Facebook, but there are more that need to join the ranks of Facebook. Literally how many people have you touched, and the old fashion way by writing a letter? I will re-read them all eventually but until then my world gets more organized day by day. I will have to forgo my scanning for the summer, but there still will be pictures and postings of my adventures over the break.

Good Luck 2011 graduates and again thanks to FB I no longer have to write so many letters and now can keep in contact with everyone that has touched my life in a neat and tidy order and it is archived here instead of the old fashion way in a shoe box that is an eyesore.



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