Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 10, 2011}   The Adventure continues…

Talk about Adventures of a Drama Teacher?!  Wow, TCHDRMA made it to Alaska once again with flying colors. Who would have thought when OO7 purchased the SUV-teacher-mobile for me six years ago it would be so loyal. I LOVE, LOVE road trips, by myself, and or with company, and the first jaunt of the trip was the most hilarious, laugh until you pee your pants, journey of my life as it was my first adult sojourn with my sister and we share the brain at times, so you know how that can be, or maybe you don’t but if you don’t, you would only be lucky if you did because it is fun! (Talk about run on sentence!) We got a chance to stop by an old ghost town that we had visited as kids and reminisce of our childhood past while creating new memories with our children, we are truly blessed, we know it and are thankful for it. (Check Facebook for chronicled photos)

After a few incredibly amusing days with our parents, a meet up with my BFFs Tina and Cathlin, a dance class etc, Mo and I took off again for the second portion of this traveling adventure. Although “RoadKill” wasn’t as fun without Tiff and Chelbi, it persisted, but, with less and less traffic as we ascended north, the carcass spotting game eventually turned into “Bear @#$%” Sorry, but it’s how we spot and then hopefully witness a bear which we did get the privilege of one medium sized black bear sauntering into the forest as we attempted unsuccessfully to capture its likeness on kodachrome, so to say. With as much evidence of bear in the road, and I don’t mean roadkill, you’d think we’d have sighted thirty of the lumbering creatures of the wood. We did though, get to see wild dogs of the forest; three wolves in separate occurrences among the myriad of interesting live animals on their own animalistic odysseys. My personal roadkill count at this point of this expedition is one snake and one squirrel (the downside actually of long road trips, the past two summers I hit two birds {not at the same time}). TCHDRMA though, is covered with bugs and that can’t really be considered roadkill, as if it was, one couldn’t keep count.

So I am here, at my Mecca, Wolf Creek Alaska on Prince of Wales Island. One can only get here by float plane or boat. I have been coming here almost every summer for ten years, and at other times too (it’s more fun for me in the summer as I get cold easily). The cabin is the same, yearly family photos adorning the walls and shelves add to the history of the place. The new cabin, the writer’s cabin Sam is building for me, sits alone waiting to be finished. But as life is, time and money at the same time prevent 100% completion, but we do what we can when we can, which brings me to the biggest “Adventure” portion of this scribed soliloquy. Sam, my darling, is working on the ferries again and will have to be on the ships this summer for a week at a time leaving Mo and I to fend for ourselves in the wilderness! How exciting! I mean it sucks that he has to work for the man, as we all do at times especially in today’s economy, but I am excited to be here at peace, exercising, writing and mediating. I actually like to cook when I have time and I have many projects to work on. I can drive the boat and our Alaska neighbors can be contacted with our native smoke signaling system (just kidding as of 2009 we have had cell service and we have always had internet by satellite, thank goodness we don’t have to walk the line anymore fixing the areas that the bears chewed so we could get standard phone service). We have electricity provided by Wolf Creek that runs down the mountain behind the cabin into a turbine system in our boat house. It’s very interesting. Usually each year we have visitors that are almost continually here, but with Sam working this year, we can’t accommodate (fly people in and out on a whim). So we’ll see what the summer brings. Will Ms. Griffin get “CABIN FEVER”? Or will she be brilliant and write a bestselling novel? Only time will tell, stay tuned for the next episode of “Adventures of a Drama Teacher!” Sponsored by Dramamine.


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