Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{April 15, 2011}   Definitely an E Ticket

 Kurt and Brenda

“Be a game changer”, “Slow down and smell the Starbuckets” are just two of the quotes Kurt and Brenda Warner hit upon in the C.H.E.E.R.S (Conciseness helps encourage equal respect) assembly we had at school today. All week students have been donning disabilities to assume what it is like, something I recently learned when I broke my right arm building sets for Shambala. Kurt and Brenda know all too well having a son with severe disabilities from an injury/fall while he was an infant, the challenges that are faced by persons who are less auspicious than the majority. There are people who take the time to do good in the human race. It surprises and frustrates me the people who complicate this world and do things that they know hurt people. I am vain, I know that, like Brenda Warner, I worry about growing old and getting fat, and my eyesight is not so great anymore but would we worry about those things if we had to be concerned about just being able to get out of bed, or get dressed? To be so different that you had never been asked to a birthday party? It puts things into perspective doesn’t it? Stop and smell the Starbuckets/coffee” as Zack Warner says, “Be a game changer” a team mate that one can count on in the finals like Kurt Warner. Be a good person like Brenda. We can do it if we stop being so self centered.


I just returned from the other side of the school with my Diet Coke and chocolate muffin in hand. One of the assistant principals stopped me and asked if that was my breakfast, lunch, dinner or all three? I said, “Well actually…it works for me.” How fortunate I am to be able to eat a whole pizza, ice-cream, McDonalds and Taco Bell on a daily basis. I remember thinking I was fat, or at least battling the bulge, when I was in Hollywood. As I look at all the photos I am scanning and little clips of movies I was in like, “Speed” I see now, I was not even close to chubbiness. I was as slim then as I am now, well now I am a bit thinner, leaner, all muscle from years of dance-cleaning, and dance-running. I just chatted with my student choreographer about ballet and muscles and the Charlie Horses we get from the eternal pursuit of the pointed toe. She is heartbroken because her love broke up with her via text. We commiserated and decided that after the Warners’ inspirational speech that we are two very lucky, beautiful women and we are going to go smell us some Starbuckets, maybe I need to fill up on an iced caramel latte too-extra whipped cream.

This inspiration led to an email from The New American Musical Festival, they want to read/hear Shambala! I have my weekend work cut out for me, so much to do…

And riding the bucking bronco of life continues…hold on! As I quoted in a 1988 B movie, “Definitely an E ticket!” 

Actually it’s Festival of New American Musicals. Yee haw!


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