Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{April 9, 2011}   Winding Down to Wolf Creek


We'll always have Paris!

Last show of the year tomorrow night (save a few showcases and this year’s Tabbies). Romeo and Juliet moved inside tonight which proved wonderful despite the amazing cobble stone floor and raked seating area of the amphitheater. Magic was in the air, and a little rain and wind couldn’t damper the spirits of my thespians. Miss Julie’s maiden voyage into high school directing a grand success! I am ever so proud! After tomorrow night my school days will dwindle down from 10-12 hours a day average to 8-9, wee haw more time to write, decorate our new house, exercise in our new pool and relax in our new hot tub. I came home after the show tonight (Sam, Tiff, Chelbie and Judith decided to go tomorrow night, Sam went last night and brought me flowers he did) and we all went swimming and sat in the hot tub. Well, Chelbie and her friend went swimming, Mo played video games and Sam, Tiff and I sat in the tub. Crazy night too for mischief in Mesa, we were entertained by a “Cops in the sky” episode as a helicopter stalked a fugitive (I don’t know the real story I could be over dramatic here, but then again I am a drama queen).  Anyway what a relaxing evening after a fantastic show! The photo shared is last year’s Prom Sam and I chaperoned. Casablanca was the theme; the plane in the background worked for us. We’ll be chaperoning again this year May 7th (that is if Fly Boy 007 isn’t on a flight, in that case I’ll have to get a surrogate). I got a new and fabulous dress I did. I get the best evening gowns at the Goodwill, I love me some Goodwill I do! I am sure Sam will don his customary tux (I am glad I am a girl and get to wear something new each year). So I am down to a few showcases, the Tabbies (Theatre Arts Booster Awards Show), the dreaded shut in (sorry kiddos as fun as this is for you Ms Griffin be a wet blanket when kept up all night by Poltergeist movies and the assassin marathon in the darkness of the Red Mountain auditorium) but this I do because I LOVE YOU! Then it’s graduation (hope I don’t cry as much as last year seeing my seniors fly the coop) and then our annual trip to Wolf Creek. This year we’re going on the bus! I am sad Romeo & Juliet will die for the last time tomorrow night, but it’s Twelfth Night or bust for the next school year in sight!

It’s 3:30 AM and  have mastered the scanning but not the cropping and I am too tired to fix it, and it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t have a technical problem this night.

Yeah, Sam has helped me clean up computer files and crop and fix this photo!!! Thanks 007 I love you!


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