Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{April 8, 2011}   To Tell The Truth, I am a Drama Teacher

My commercial Composite, there's the Lawyer look!

Pilot, paralegal, phlebotomist oh my! Oh, the career paths I could have taken. I actually came pretty close to joining the air force. I had just graduated high school and my family had no money or college plan for me. I went as far as the physical and written tests, almost signing on the dotted line, but the US government thought it best I be an air traffic controller not a interpreter (I really wanted to learn Russian and be a spy, probably a good thing I didn’t as I would have been horrible at espionage as I am a piss poor liar [hence probably why I didn’t make it as an actress either] but I digress) and I convinced the local community college to give me education. I knew at the time I couldn’t fly myself, I had the motion malady curse way back then, but I knew I wanted me a fly-boy and the air force, I hypothesized, would be the place to get me one. So I went to college and concentrated on my theatre passion and my dramatic aspirations. After Moving to LA and years of the highs and lows of pursuing a career in show business I actually contemplated and looked into schooling for paralegal. I guess I got the idea from one of my high school friends that took that path, or maybe it was the allure of the glamorized TV show LA Law, but at one point I wanted a steady job where I could meet people who have/had built a life and didn’t necessarily live the starving artist life style. But I knew deep in my heart that I wanted and needed more than to be stuck in an office with stuffy people whose life is about the argument, and again, I am a bad liar and gullible,(I believe any good debate that is presented to me) so that career path got even less thought than the air force.

As I sit here waiting my turn to do my civic duty as one of “12 Angry Men” (just kidding I wanted to use a good jury duty quote) I have time to ponder my decisions in life. I only for a micro-second in the third grade postulated a career in the medical field, a nurse, “NO, I can’t do the needle thing” so that was out too. (I have often thought that if I put as much effort into being a brain surgeon as I did an actress, I would be a brain surgeon) Hands down I was destined to be a drama teacher, or a teacher in general, as I do so love teaching analysis and writing and history and physical education. But my forte is drama. I get something new and exciting on a daily basis, things change with every new student and new play. I had another crowning experience with my first real cast party hosting experience since my days in high school and it’s all good. So I may not have the money of some female pilots, or the capability to fly myself anywhere at a moment’s notice for a romantic rendezvous, or labor in a field of law or technological industry where you work with adults that create adult fun and excitement but I mentor young peoples’ lives and oh my it is good and where I was destined to be. Oh, and I got me a fly- boy anyway.

After spending my morning in a claustrophobic courtroom, witnessing and participating in jury selection I am glad I do not work with boring sweaty, money grubbing lawyers. They are stuffy as I claimed and spending my day witnessing real conflict and continuous argument doesn’t appeal to me (Unless it’s reading Grisham, or To Kill a Mockingbird). At least in make believe we get the good with the bad. My European students’ generalizations are true; Americans are fat-litigators. Imagine snuggling up to that as a paralegal? Which reminds me of the time I played Melissa Gilbert’s paralegal on an episode of Sweet Justice. I got to wear cool suits and the actors were much more aesthetic and fun than the over-stuffed greasy sods that populate the real courtroom, and a phlebotomist is in the selection pool too:) I once played a French astronaut on Seaquest, and I have played nurses on different TV shows (all glorified extra work). So I am not really a pilot, paralegal or phlebotomist but I played one on TV.

I think I need to go home and have my fly-boy take me on a flight, but alas I’ve got a dress rehearsal tonight.


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