Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 31, 2011}   Hooting my own Horn

I feel like a wise old owl. Well, like a 29 year old gorgeous-goddess of a wise old owl, as I watch my students and student teacher rehearse. Me, in the background, in my uniform of color, the overalls that tell many tales of theatrical whimsy and woe. I am so proud of the growth I am witnessing. I am extremely ecstatic to see that my teaching hasn’t fallen upon deaf ears. They are doing what I trained them to do, and they are doing it with passion. My assistant principal, the Angel of Theatre that was sent to me last year, that formally taught drama for 25 years, approached me as I watched my babies practice from above. He let me know that “The Big Guy” THE PRINCIPAL, loves my cobblestone work of art and wants to keep the amphitheater painted that way. That made my day! The visual picture is truly stunning; two of my advanced students approached me with the concept of doing Romeo & Juliet in Nazi Germany. Their power point presentation that hit upon every element I taught them so convincing, I had to say yes. Good decision as the Swastika on the poster has caused controversy and controversy sells tickets. I guess this  has been my year for controversy (Shambala and its gay character in an extremely conservative high school). I played the game and sold this concept as “Imagine if two teenagers’ love could have changed the course of world history.”  It really is going to be fabulous! The passion of this play, my career, my friends and family make me one of the luckiest persons in the world, then I get home to Sam and Mo fixing the lights on the pool to create us, in Sam’s words, “A serious rockin’ place.” I can’t wait for my cast party Friday! My lovely sister just gave me a box of Godiva Truffles! As Sam and I feed the exquisite chocolate delights to each other while relaxing on our Captain’s bed watching the Suns play, I think, “Life is good” although Steve Nash will not be in the play offs this year. The wise old owl in me reminds that there is no such thing as absolute perfection but dang, I am close! Hoot, hoot.


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