Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 26, 2011}   I want to ride my bicycle.

I made it through another intense work, or I really could say, play week. Romeo and Juliet looms in the foreground. My body aches from painting the amphitheater floor to look like cobble stone, me and a few choice students have been going at it die hard, they’re hurtin’ too. Our story takes place in Berlin Germany. It was a fast and furious week of working hard and playing hard.  My student teacher’s days are numbered, she was/is such a delight to work with; my students and I, ever so lucky to have had her grace our lives. I had numerous laughs and was once again reminded why I do this, it’s the laughter and the accolades, but mostly the lives that are touched. I had so many of my ex-students stop by this week. One beautiful young lady left the most amazing letter for me about the life lessons I taught her, it made me cry (in a good way).  My student teacher is so young I have to reiterate that sometimes it’s not about teaching theatre; it’s about teaching them to be thoughtful human beings. I love my job.

We are home today, as we will be until this house gets finished, Sam is doing all kinds of projects (putting in the lighting system in our Captain’s Bed) getting the pool ready for my cast party next week etc. No rest for the wicked. I haven’t gotten to run this week, I have been so busy with R & J so I think I will commence my morning with exercise and then get started with the marathon of projects.

I received a surprise package in the mail this week too, from my good friend Gregg in LA. What an enchantment to open the crazy and colorful Bali woman sarong we laughed so hard over, when we bought it on our trip to Indonesia back in 1993, oh so many moons ago. I had completely forgotten about it. No note in the package, no forewarning of its arrival, just the sarong. My friends look out for me. If you cruise back in this blog you can see the magnificent set Gregg designed and built for me at my school in Belgium. He has designed for me since, but we, of the real world, who are not Gods of Theatrical Design and Creation, have not the skill, and or money and resources, to facilitate all his deigns to their glorious potential. So the set in Belgium, is the only one thus far, he constructed for me, and it was splendid! U2’s “She Moves in Mysterious Ways” plays on the radio at this moment which reminds me of another group of my glorious students; The Fab Four, who worked on a U2 musical in my Rock-n-Roll playwriting class. I am sure Bali woman moves in mysterious ways, and I love you and miss you Peter, Phillip, Ann and Alison! And thank you Gregg for all you do for me.

Oh and Tiff returned with my massive amounts of old photo albums, oh goody another project! I think the Indonesia trip mementos are in there somewhere.

Back from a run listening to Cheap Trick. I checked out the new paint job on Sam’s 185, then danced home from the airport. On the run home I got to experience a bicycle race. Sam’s now off glider flying for a bit. I’ll sit this one out, better yet, get back to my projects!

In my electro-ruination the photo I shot of Bali Woman is not zooming through cyberspace into my laptop for uploading unto mine blogspace page, and it VEXES me. Such is life Ying and Yang. 🙂 😦


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