Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 20, 2011}   The Purple Dragon
BainBath before purple dragonBefore Captain’s BedSlaying the Purple DragoonThe feat et fini

Writing break as Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody commences on the fine local rock-n roll-station. The purple dragon affect closing in on the ubiquitous beige that previously ensconced our chamber walls. The Salle de Bain is nearly perfect; a few choice art work spots remain but as we all know art comes when it comes, you can’t force the right eclectic piece.

Sam just buzzed the house in 007 on his way somewhere as I stood and waved by our crystal clear pool he and Mo have worked so hard on. Last night we swam in the moonlight, our first time in the pool. The kids have had the guts to enter previously, and even Tiff, in a “Super bowl frenzy” took a dive in, but last night was the first for Sam and me, and the moon was on its last night of waxing and it was so beautiful! I swam under the waterfall and sat there for a bit, imagining, counting my blessings. It is a deep pool so we can practice scuba. We sat for a while longer, under the light of the silvery moon, in the hot tub before retiring; the Captain’s bed still pulled out from the wall so as to allow access today to slay the purple dragon and leave him to rest forever on my chamber walls.

Two of my ex students, getting ready to head back to college, stopped by yesterday. These fine people are what make me love my job; my ex drama club president and his wonderful consort. I remember way back when Ashley darling had the biggest crush on Billy, and Billy was so young then he didn’t have a clue. Ashley kept me abreast of their budding romance when I was in Belgium. These two were really the catalysts that brought me home from Europe to teach at Red Mountain. Ashley is the most brilliant costume designer although she is studying business, and Billy, the best stage combat swordsman student I ever had, is studying to be a pediatrician. They are my kids; I love them and miss them. Writing break over, I am hungry now.

Toast and Diet Coke later, I vacillate as to write, or go on a walk/dance/run around the canal, Mo has just requested to bike to McDonald’s. This is hard for me, letting my child go out in the world. We discuss a trip to Wal-Mart because school starts again on Monday, and well, we’ll have to have food; which ends this sojourn into the writing realm for now.

Okay, okay so now I have slain the Purple Dragon and taken copious gorgeous photos but this lovely site (I am being sardonic here) or my incredible talent for electro-ruination makes it so I cannot, or am not willing to continue the frustration of trying to post them, so at this point “it is what it is”. The damn site will not silence the author though!!!!

I have yet to go for my meditational walk/dance/run because Mo and I did Wal-Mart and The Depot, and I, with my mighty sword in hand, took the flying purple beast down and now his blood colors my chambers. Color therapy, color zen; been doing it for years. Been playing the color game with my students for years. Color is mood, mood change is power and Purple Dragon is not short of “Weeeeeeeee to the eyes!!” I choose colors partially because of their names. writing break over, go for a run now Tomi! 🙂 I love Pop Tarts.

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