Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 20, 2011}   My love of Shatner.

Lately I have succumbed to the need and aid of the dreaded glasses. Actually my whole life I played with the idea of spectacles. I wanted those cat eyes, like my friend Brenda when I was in second grade, and the wire ones, like Anita, in the 3rd. I had the trendy 80’s look “attitude glasses” in my aspiring actress days in Hollywood. But now, I need them! What’s up with that?!  It is an entire “pain in the arse”,  always losing them, and getting in the way if you tie them around your neck with granny string. (BTW I am a granny now anyway, Dawna had Brenton. Big Boy! Day before yesterday.) I have a new found respect for people who wear glasses or need them, or contacts. In my new found sight I gaze upon the collection of Shakespeare books on top of the Captain’s Bed and see “The Complete Works of  William Shatner”.  Now why does my eye sight read that, when my head KNOWS it’s Shakespeare?! Not that Shatner’s is bad, I kind of like his acting style it makes me laugh, and well, you gotta laugh!


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