Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 18, 2011}   Everyone needs a break

Writing break. Spring Break 2011-spent remodeling, working out, teaching my son to work. Just finished painting my closet Purple Dragon; the bedroom is next after extensive OCD touchups in the Salle de Bain et toillette. Joan Jett’s “I hate myself for loving you” vibrates in the background. I had a lovely bike ride workout with Mo this morning and he took me to the best-bright-yellow- flower-spots in our neighborhood and I taught him more about meditation and peace and stopping to look at the flowers, and he taught me more about growing up in an era of the internet and  I vow to play  Nazi Zombies with him when his games come out of banishment. Now we’re both back to manual, or womanual in my case, labor on our family abode. So I have taken a short break to write and show my summer meditative spots. Arizona is brilliant for becoming one with nature but it is only second to Wolf Creek Alaska where I spend my summer days hiking, exercising, meditating and writing (eating and other things are in there too). We have been working on a writer’s cabin for two years now and hopefully this summer it will be fully functional so as to actually sleep, eat, bathe, relax and WRITE  there (in the new cabin that is). The photos on this page are on last summer’s Fredrick’s Sound whale watch, Swan Lake, Petersburg jaunt with our late friend Larry. That’s Larry and I standing on an iceberg and me asleep on the way home, after Dramamine (Oh now I know why they call it Dramamine {for the Drama Queen?}

 I love music; I constantly listen to music which is meditational in itself.  Last summer when Larry visited, he reintroduced me to Ravel’s Bolero. I was soothed to sleep on the return from the adventure day to Bolero’s rhythm. Thanks Larry, RIP.

This site is so frustrating, I have uploaded two more photos on this page but they’re not showing on the published version. ????????!!!!!!

It’s Saint Patty’s day and the other half is out getting us some


Brazilian yummy drinky thingy to celebrate!

Well looky there, my favorite picture of Mo finally shows up! Isn’t he adorable?! This was two summers ago at Throne Bay Alaska cutting wood for granddad. He grew his hair out really long for “Locks of Love” and just recently cut it. I will eventually post those pictures too, he gave me permission. 🙂


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