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{March 15, 2011}   Look at the way I glide

Look at the way I glide!

Anything to do with Neil Diamond I owe to my father. Dear Father we dream, we dream, we dream while we wait, while we wait. Who are we to need?

My father: dad, JB, Jim, Jimmy, Bull Whip, Papa and probably a plethora of other pens, taught me to always put on the paramount presentation (best face), always answer to “How are you?” with “Magnificent” because no one really wants to know anything more than the great. He and my mother gave me the love of music, and I have to dedicate anything I reminisce with, to Neil Diamond, to them. Thanks to my incredible sister as well who made a concert just for me right when I really needed it.  When listening to this song  after years and years of Neil Diamond hiatus, I now realize Sam’s love and dedication to flying. It’s the way this song makes me feel. And I can’t wait to get up there today and “look at the way I glide”.

make your sail
and every heart will know
of the tale

Falcon Field with 007


(And head for the farthest shore!)

make your tune
for none may sing it
just as you do

(And let your song be heard!)

Look at the way I glide
caught on the wind’s lazy tide
sweetly how it sings
rally each heart at the sight
of your silver wings

Skybird, skybird

find your way
for none may know it
just as you may

(Seek out your
harbor of light!)
(Let your song be heard!)
(Rally each heart to
the sign of your
silver wings!)




I wanted to feel like a bird, to feel the song that I downloaded only moments before we took off from Falcon Field, a short jaunt from our new house and the new berthing for 007. I took my Bonine, I had my music, I was armed with my own tenacity and self hypnoses. I was so excited; Mo took the previous photos before we took off from Falcon Field and Sam took the post one after he strapped me into the glider. Is there a higher power that sabotages my tenacity and does not allow me to enjoy the things other people love? I remember the day when I could do Star Tours and Space Mountain twice in a day, now (well last summer when Mo and I stopped by the Magic Kingdom on our yearly sojourn to Alaska; the very first ride, Space Mountain, ruined the rest o’ my day). Yesterday, not too long into Sam’s best ride ever catching thermal after thermal riding them like a bucking bronco in the wind, I shuddered, deep breathed and eventually upchucked several times into my favorite hat. Mo says I need to chew my food better. But listening to Jonathon Livingston Seagull with this new found insight, I can feel why my parents loved it so much. I went running today and listened to the whole album again. It transcends; meditative it brings you to peace. I had so many epiphanies while I soared over Arizona, and although it did not feel like the song, the song still feels like the joy of flying to me. 

” What a drag of an adventure companion I am” I quipped to Sam, and his response was, “Well I don’t always feel so great when you drag me along to plays.”  I retorted, “Plays don’t make you puke.”  He commented, “Sometimes they make me feel like I want to.” We laugh.

 He takes care of me, fixes breakfast, dinner, refits plumbing and remodels our house. Funny that he isn’t into theatre except for me as that is where we met; in high school theatre. I have had success teaching Sam about music and how it transcends people; how art and music and writing takes people to places that they can’t necessarily go. Like if they’re grounded like me. Skybird makes me feel like I can fly. That is why my parents loved it that is why I love it.

Before the glide

Unfortunately the curse of the gods overtook  they’re not letting me go, not just yet. I tried so hard to learn to be a pilot. But…


Hat after scrubbing, might be saved

will the hat survive?

He has been working on a special hypnoses process for my motion sickness. I never give up, I never give in I fight to win. I am a BULLDOG, I can fly and I am magnificent!  Thanks Dad!

Transcend, purify, glorious


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