Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 12, 2011}   Ms. Griffin’s Protégée

This is Joshua Lee Cox, up and coming star. I had to post this picture for a few reasons, I have a student, another up and coming who is playing Juliet in our current production and we picked out the most fabulous photo for the advertisement but she doesn’t like the shot of herself (She is truly a beauty!). Well, I don’t like this shot of me, (Jerry Seinfeld woman) but it is with my fabulous ex-student Josh who I saw in a play last night at MCC, The 25th Putnam County Annual Spelling Bee. I hadn’t seen this musical before and it was wonderful (cheeky humor) and Josh was as always magical to watch. Josh began as a drama groupie my first year at RMHS. This Adonis blond kid hanging in the background, didn’t audition for the show but was just there.  I started asking him to do this or that, and he followed through. Then when a cast member was missing I started having him fill in. Wow, he could READ too! So he was a regular stand in vying for an open spot. I think he got recorded in Much Ado About Nothing as the Sexton but he filled in many parts, he seemed to think he should have had Conrad. One day he asked me to fire the Conrad whom he had filled in too much for. I told him, “I wouldn’t have cast you in that part anyway.” He asked “What part would you have cast me in?” I retorted, “Claudio.” “Really” he replied. “Really.” So exactly one week before the opening my Claudio calls me (I was at the local Chinese take-out) and says he’s in the hospital having surgery. I get on the phone and start calling students who might have Joshes number, so I finally get a hold of Josh and tell him he’s got the part. In 7 days, SEVEN DAYS this kid memorized a lead in a Shakespeare play, and ran the heck away with it, and never stopped amazing me and audiences since with leads in The Pirates of Penzance (King of course) A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Oberon) Up the Down Staircase, Beauty and the Beast (Gaston) and now the Spelling Bee. He won several awards at our regional Thespian festivals as well. This kid is the new Brad Pitt. 

Spelling Bee

 P.S. He’s also a phenomenal artist: graphic, sketch, scenic, etc. as well!

This just in! As I write! The very advertisement, with my very LOVELY students!


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