Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 10, 2011}   Three Dog Night Woman

Three Dog Night Woman

Here I am the other night at my third Three Dog Night concert. Funny how my fanaticism flourished. As most of you know I have been writing rock and roll musical stuff as a classroom project for years thanks to Mesa Public Schools and career ladder and just my own teaching style and love of music. Years ago after the first Rock and Roll musical I wrote, produced and directed titled “Rock and Roll Musical”  I had parents afterwards asking me why I wasn’t selling my work. At the time I never really thought about it but to make more opportunities for my students to perform. Sam took Mo and I to Vegas for Christmas 2005 and we saw Mama Mia on my birthday. I enjoyed it so much because I idolized ABBA when I was a kid living in Belgium and it was the style of writing I had been doing for years. I wrote another jukebox musical, a Christmas one, “A Winter’s Tall Tale” that also proved successful in the jr. high setting allowing 100 students a chance to participate. I moved to Belgium to teach and even the international students got into the spirit of it, my favorite ones (my Irish and Swedish boys ) and the 50s songs I worked on with them. After returning to the states and joining my consort at our cabin in Alaska as we do, I was sequestered with little music. Sam happened to have a few Three Dog Night songs on his iPod (I have since ruined this ipod as I do with my superpower but again Sam fixed it, yeah). I remember the songs as a kid, (I almost used Black and White in a project a few years ago at the jr. high) so I had bought the karaoke CD back then but never really thought about it again. I also remember dancing every Sunday or so, when I was still in undergrad, to The Show Must Go On when it would come on the Sunday classics. It always made me happy and dance around the room entertaining Mo when he was a toddler. So here I was at our humble abode, Wolf Creek, with my little family and very little music and this story blossomed. I returned to Arizona for the school year and presented it to my students and we fleshed it out together. Now we’re at the marketing, copyright etc. part of it. My students are working on a Wikepedia page (which is super frustrating and challenging), we’ve entered it into The New American Musical Festival, and a few other things. But it was thanks to Sam for flying me to Tuscon for my first Three Dog Night concert where I presented my script to the band members and in two days they contacted me with their permission to develop the musical. So that’s where I am, writing is re-writing and The show must go on. Just a note, TDN didn’t play either Eli’s Coming or The Show Must Go On at any of the concerts I have attended. Hmmm? Could it be because Chuck Negron is not touring with them?


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