Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 8, 2011}   I am your Density!
It's written in the stars

Density is written in the stars LOL!

Density with Sam and Mo

Mo and dad are working on a science project for the 7th grade science fair. Actually Mo did a pretty good job on it and dad tweaked it as he does everything to make it magic and perfect, Magic Man that he is. All about weight and density. Mo needed a title and all I could think was “I am your density” crooned by Gorge McFly in the original Back to the Future. (I used to be a Special effects guide at Universal Studios, the Back to the future car effect was so much fun, I don’t think it is there anymore, but I digress {ooh there are photographs out there maybe in the stuff my sister will bring back from Oregon double digression}) Anyway, I like my title. Speaking of density, I spent another incredible day watching students grow as producers, directors, actors and people today, then came home to my men working on a science project and on the bus. In my quest to improve my electronic ability I caught a great shot of Sam in silhouette fixing the air conditioning fan on top of the bus. My pictures will improve when I get a new memory chip for my camera (my new camera, Sam gave me Christmas last, I already toasted the memory chip which was a top-notch chip as Sam always provides. But in my defense it was one of my students who toasted it not me, not saying that I wouldn’t have toasted it knowing  my superpowers.) So the new photos (until I get a chance to get a new memory chip) are from my iPhone. But that in itself is electronic/technical practice which, by the way, Sam and Mo hate because they are private and don’t want their face on the internet, but mommy rules so…there you go. Somewhere in all my memory boxes I have a musical photo CD and a computerized picture frame that Sam made for me of all the photos of us over the years and the song it plays is “Follow you Follow me” by Phil Collins, which is kind of DENSITY like because the first one he gave me (the musical CD) he gave me 9 years ago and the frame about 3 years ago. Now I need to figure out how to upload them because it would save me a lot of time and effort with pictures. Oh I guess I will think about it until I come across the CD and frame in my unpacking. 🙂

Follow you Follow me Magic Man as You’re my density. Ooh I am a POET!


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