Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 7, 2011}   I can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes

On the road to Shambala.

Last night I saw Three Dog Night yet again. Yes, on the road to Shambala I can taste it. I had to clean up the lovely condo we are renting today. Sam and I bought it in 2006 and he completely remodeled it for me. Well we did it together just like we’re doing this massive house. No rest for the wicked and as Shakespeare would quote, “Something wicked this way comes.” Sam and I have a ball working together. He has taught me so much about building over the last decade. We’re still working on my writers cabin in Alaska (pictures will eventually follow and some interesting tales to boot). And of course all the theatrical sets he’s built me over the years aided in my carprentry skills. Yesterday when my magnificent sister took me to the TDN concert, Sam and Mo stayed home and poured the concrete so we, Sam, could move the pool heater and pump into a more aesthetic postition and leave an even better place to park the bus and his boy toys. You see Sam does all the function and I do all the aesthetic, even so on the wale of a bus we created. I promise photos of that too, of course some of you have ridden on it (the bus) already. The whole house is coming along and none to soon for our Shambala cast party (all are welcome). My sis is also going to bring home from Oregon more of my old photo albums to scan. An adventure in itself. Stay tuned…

In theses photos: Mo and Sam mix conctrete 3/6/11, Tomi (me) remodels in her uniform, and Sam and Tomi rent a really cute bright condo. How did I get so lucky?


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