Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 3, 2011}   Facebook slowed my progress but I still love it!

Sam Romey Tomi Griffin and Morrison

Sam, Tomi and Mo enjoy Wolf Creek

Facebook is part of the reason my public blog was neglected, and my computer skills for that matter. What I really love about Facebook is for the most part other people do the picture chronology work. Unfortunately that leaves me with some public pictures that I would rather people not see. I guess I could delete them but “Oh well nobody is perfect”. Remember lighting and styling can make anyone look beautiful, gorgeous and studly!  And the lack there of can make us all look, well, like the hideous woman from Seinfeld. I can laugh about it as I will post, eventually, all my acting headshots (with that lighting and style) that I have recently pulled from the archives and am going to put in my new huge walk in closet, in the new house Sam and I are remodeling. But in the meantime I will share an adventurous photo. Sam, Mo and I spend our summers in Alaska at our cabin in a remote little place we call Wolf Creek. You can only get there by float plane or boat. So I have copious photos to share from our little Mecca in the wilderness.

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