Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 2, 2011}   In attempts to beat Electro-ruination

Scuba diving with Sam Romey

Sam Romey and Tomi Griffin prepare to dive! Take the picture already Dawna!

My growth plan

Sam Romey and Tomi Griffin scuba dive in Fiji

Sam Romey and Tomi Griffin Scuba dive in Fiji

is not to be electro-ruination woman anymore. I have two super powers, or really three. 1. I ruin computers, cameras, anything electronic and intricate. Keeps Sam busy fixing things for me. 2. I am also “Ice Queen” as Sam calls me. I have the ability to freeze anything with my hands and feet, then 3. there’s the most embarrassing of all, the force that keeps me from flying and scuba diving as much as I would like-my massive motion malady. Ah well I guess we can’t have it all, and I got a lot, so such is my lot. But in the quest to improve my computer skills I am attempting to download a hard drive of old photos, so today’s topic is scuba diving in Fiji with the other half, Sam Romey. In the first picture he looks grumpy, it was because Dawna (my step daughter) was taking too long to snap the picture. (BTW she is due with her first baby on the ides of March Sam’s birthday! I will be, as my students call me Abolita {SIC?} Griffin). So anyway, Sam looks grumpy in this image but it was me who got grumpy later when I fed the fishys. Motion malady!


cocoabean says:

Abuelita! means Grandma!!

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