Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 1, 2011}   Hey I am back, and oh the NEW adventures!!
Sam Romey

Sam Romey and Tomi Griffin 1982 20 year class reunion Sandy Union High School Sandy Oregon one year after we re-met. 🙂

Kidee winks I have been busy since my last post. Hopefully time to catch up soon. We’ll just start with:

Whirlwind of theatre, plays, writing

 Alaska, Fiji, Three Dog Night sighting

 Shambala, Belgium, Craziness, LA

 Oregon, flying, teaching today

counceling kidees, New Student Teachers

running, primping, broken arm creature

 dancing, sister and neice prancing, remodeling house-romancing. 

Sam Romey and Tomi Griffin 2002

Sam and Tomi 1982 20 year reunion

So, I will chronical in good time my dearies. But we’ll start with a series of family life over the years. 🙂 Because I am trying to get better at this computer stuff and uploading photos is part of it! As Peter Pan would say it “Here we go….!”


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