Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{September 6, 2008}   Students, Students, Everywhere!

Mo and I ate at KFC a few nights ago. Two of my former students are now working there. I am so amazed at how they have grown up. One of the girls I had when she didn’t speak a lick of English, and now she’s fluent. I love seeing my students out and about. They work all over the area I live so I see them at the movie theatre, restaurants and stores.


Mo has been playing soccer so I am making friends with the soccer-moms and dads. I wonder if that is anything like Sarah Palin’s hockey-mom. While I appreciate Ms. Palin’s accomplishments as a woman, I sure don’t see how she could be a hockey-mom of five and run this country too, something has got to give. I can hardly run my life and my ONE son with my job that is more than a 9-5er.


Speaking of that it’s Saturday and I am off to work at school with the kids on their upcoming Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. I am so proud of them; they are really doing a professional job with it, and I haven’t had to do hardly any work myself which is FANTASTIC and unusual.




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