Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 15, 2008}   There’s no place like home

Car went bye bye today. Nous marcherons demain et le reste de la semaine. I am down to the futon, table and chairs, clothes; Mo’s bed the TV stand and a few other bits and bobs.


I am almost home. “Next time I go searching for my heart’s content I will look no further than my own backyard.” 



Ashley C says:

Wow, French class does work! I know (basically) what that says! Can’t wait to see you still!

Casey E. says:

Yeah. Moving is so fun. I just moved a few months ago and I still have boxes to unpack. We can’t wait to see you! I’m counting down the days till school starts again so I can see you. We have all missed you!

Chelsea C says:

YAY! Can’t wait till school starts! I hope you got something great out of your year-long sojourn. 😀

Alec says:

So when will you be in Arizona?

Drama says:

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