Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{June 7, 2008}   Official

Well, it is official my darlings. I am coming home, back to the sunshine; a new beginning at Red Mountain.


Yesterday was the last day of classes at St. John’s and it was very melancholy. I will even miss my nemesis class as they will I; we really grew on each other. I actually had Virgin Pina Coladas with them at the pub last night. Funny here that 15-18 year olds can go to the pubs. I have stayed away this entire year, but they cajoled me into it last night; it was quite a group gathering. When I lived here in the 70s all the students hung out at a pub called Joli Bois, now it’s the Snug Pub.


I have two weeks to get my stuff out of my flat (all going to charity to save me the mass effort of trying to get down the narrow stairs etc. I had brought it all up in intervals over the 10 month sojourn, and I really don’t want to put the effort into bringing it back down, so whoever wants it and will come get it, go for it!).


Today was graduation; I didn’t go as I couldn’t get a babysitter. All my students were there and Judith was there, and Mo’s friends were out of town. That’s okay, I am having a melancholy day anyway, as I stated before.


My students here signed me up on Facebook, so now I can keep contact with them that way, and you in AZ can look that up too.


Okay guys keep the cookies waiting and I will see you soon. My love to all.


BTW “Go Obama!”


Chelsea C says:

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG WE’VE WAITED FOR GOOD NEWS LIKE THIS?!?!?!?!?! I think I’ve gone hoarse from virtual screaming (I already lost my voice in reality :C ). The drama classes are gonna be picked up at a monumental rate when this news gets out. AHHH!! Now I’m really looking forward to getting back to school (darn these, what, 7, 8 weeks in between). Lalalala. Now to go to dance. C:

And yay! for Obama.

Casey E. says:

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!! We miss you SOOOOO much!!! This is the best news i’ve gotten in a while!! Everyone will sign up for drama! YES! We all can’t wait to see you again. It seems like its been forever! YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!!

brooke hartnett says:

Oh my goodness that is just wonderful that you’re coming back!!!!!! Everyone has missed you so much and they’ll be super happy you’re coming back to teach. That’s just sad your day was melancholy but I’m sure it will get better. See you at Red Mountain 😀

Casey E. says:

If you can’t tell im very excited!!!!!!!!!

Alec says:

YAY! But honestly this is no surprise because SOMEBODY….(Chelsea Crewwwwwwwwwwwwwwws) spread some rumors around some Shepherd that you were something definitly coming back some. But yay still! And to start your teaching career off with a bang at red mountin, you can do….I’m just gonna throw a play out there…say…Spring Awakening as your first one. But thats just me.

Chelsea says:

rumors, alec melger? i told you that after i found out today. i said she applied for red mountain. that was all.

Ashley C says:

I must admit that Bill spilled it to Billy and I early, but now I’m glad that it is officially up so that I can say yay! I’m kind of sad knowing that you’re leaving behind an adventure and a few really great classes, but I have to say that I am selfishly excited!!! And I doubt we could do Spring Awakening, Alec… Not quite school appropriate from what I hear..

BTW: I second that Obama remark!

Amber says:

YAY!!! I’m not even going to Red Mountain next year and I’m excited! I only have to wait one more year to have you officially as my drama teacher for the first time!! I agree with Ashley that it is a bit selfish, but I’m so glad you made this decision! Hey, at least you won’t have to deal with the crazy prices of Belgium anymore!
I’m going to come visit you at the high school whenever I can and no matter what, I am going to squeeze a drama class into my 10th grade schedule. So when exactly are you coming back to AZ?

Amber says:

Oh and Alec, I know you love Spring Awakening but you are just going to have to wait until you’re out of school to be in it.

Poolie says:

This is fabooo! We would love to have you come to Tombstone in October too!

Chelsea C says:

Ugh…Alec, I did not spread rumors about it. I told you after I read it on here so…yeah. Yeah, I did say that she was coming home this summer (its on here somewhere) but I didn’t say she was gonna be our teacher. And I would love to do Spring Awakening, but its just as bad as Avenue Q so I really doubt the school would let us do it. :-/

brooke hartnett says:

Guys guys guys, you just don’t need to defile Mrs. Griffin’s blog by yelling at Alec! He just made a perfectly respectable suggestion. Because Spring Awakening is an amazing play and you know it! Anyway it’s still amazing that you’re coming back Mrs. griffin. (:

Maddie F. says:

Hey Mrs. Griffin it’s Maddie Farnsworth and although you proably don’t remember me, I’m still excited to have you back. I can’t wait to go to Red Mountain so I can sign up for one of your AMAZING drama classes!

Melissa H. says:

I just literally had a panic attack that ended in a hissy fit at no one in particular. Mrs. Griffin is coming back to Arizona and this just had to be the year that I move to Iowa. Not that it would have been easy to add that class next year, but, come on, who really needs to take French class when you could have Mrs. Griffin instead?

I’m really happy for you and all the people who get to have you as a teacher next year at Red Mountain, but this kind of sucks. For me, at least.

Christia V. says:

I’m so happy that you’re coming back to AZ and especially that you’ll be teaching at Red Mountain. Although, I do feel kinda bad for your students at St. John’s. I’m sure they’re going to miss you, a ton (kind of like we did)… =P Anyways, I’m happy you’re coming back and that you’ll be the teacher at Red Mountain…

BTW: I agree, Go Obama!!!

Alec says:

I just want to be different and say i want McHale to win because he was a senator in Arizona and he can probably get us free stuff.

Sarah M says:

Can’t wait to see you again!!

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