Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 21, 2008}   SPRING is in the AIR NOT!

I made it through the musical review which turned out absolutely wonderful. I don’t know why I worry and fret so. The best part is that our choir director is now on board to do a big musical next year. She was reticent before but now seeing what the kids and I can do without her, makes her think what magnificent stuff we could do together, that is IF I am here next year. We are now on spring break and it is snowing outside my big living room windows that overlook the Chausee. I don’t mind the weather as long as I am inside. I quite enjoy watching the rain and hail come down upon the umbrella toting, scarf clad people below. I also like the rain to lull me to sleep at night. I watched “The Island” with Ewan McGregor last night and “Mansfield Park” today and am in the beginning of “Becoming Jane.” Jane Austin stuff is really great. I love me a good period romance! But the sci-fi of “The Island” mixed with Ewan is really grand as well. The snowflakes are growing bigger. Happy SPRING BREAK!


Chelsea C says:

Sounds like fun. I’m glad your review went well. Do you know if you will be staying next year yet? I thought the thing was supposed to be in by March 1st..?

Ashley C says:

Miss you soooo much! Just thought I’d tell you that now in a time when I wish we had our drama community around… Spring Break is seriously testing my patience as I stand on the brink of total boredom! Anyway, miss you much and hope your enjoying your snow while we sweat in 85 (personally, I wouldn’t mind a trade).

-Ashley ♥

Bill says:

I have an umbrella somewhere . . .
Geri keeps dragging me out on all our mountain trails around here to take pictures of the wild flowers – March is beautiful in the desert! Billy is taking a 44hour Water Safety Instructor class during break so he can make more money this summer teaching little kids to swim. He looks great out there with the little guys crawling all over him! Connie and Ms. Alop were in the auditorium creating sets Mon – Wed this week (HOW COME THE DRAMA KIDS WERE BORED WHEN THE TEACHERS WERE IN – ALONE – CREATING SETS?!!) Matt and Billy are auditioning for a couple more plays – in case the real work thing doesn’t work out. -Bill

Alec M says:

Hi Mrs. Griffin! i’m glad your shows went great! I have a bit of exciting news! I have connections! in New York after Spring Awakening I started talking to Blake Daniels (Ernst) in the theater and now we talk sometimes! :0 I’m going up there in the world! Soon I’ll be all the rave in New York!

Chelsea C says:

Hi Mrs Griffin!!! I know I already commented but I just wanted you to know that 2nd hours performance of Hansel and Gretel was a success for the most part. Like every show we had some mistakes but we did really good for not fully running through the show without stopping until our first show. 5th hour goes up tomorrow and they should be really good.

Bill says:

Good News – Billy and Matt both made the Oliver! ensemble at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater. Some of the smaller speaking parts and solos will be cast out of the ensemble. Depending on what happens they should make $1,000 – $1,500 each. Billy would make more Lifeguarding, but Oliver! will come first I’m sure. As for Matt, he wants to do it, but he wants to do soccer more and there are some conflicts. We have to decide Monday and sign contracts next week.

Take Care

Matt N. says:

I have decided to do Oliver! instead of the ODP(Olympic Development Program) skills camp that is in Oregon. The problem was, I would miss 8 performances of Oliver!, the camp cost plus airfare would total over 25 grand, and I would only be there for a week. And, Oregon was one of the worst teams in every age bracket at the Regional Tournament, so it wouldn’t be that good. Basically, it is tryouts for the Regional team.

Bill says:

Um, more like 2 Grand, Matt!

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