Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 9, 2008}   A Sweeny Todd Experience

sweeney-todd-depp.jpgI forgot to tell you that I was all excited that the video store had “Sweeney Todd”. You see it is rated ENA (Enfants Not Admitted) here. So I can’t go see it unless I get a babysitter. So I was going to rent the third installment of “Pirates of the Caribbean” but voila there it was in the new arrivals SWEENEY TODD! So I am conversing with the sore dude about how I can’t believe it’s out on DVD when it’s still in the movie theatres. He says, “Yeah sometimes that happens”in a mixture of English and French. So Mo and I get home and we first watched his choice of “Dumb and Dumberer”- the prequel to the first one and it has sophomoric humor. I can sometimes get into that. Then we start “Sweeney Todd”. So I am thinking since I have never seen the play, nor read it, that maybe the barber has a father because the man they called Todd was NOT Johnny Depp. So I am waiting for the Johnny to show up when I start to think, “No musical goes this far into a performance without a song!” That’s when I realized this was NOT the Sondheim musical version with Johnny. Poo poo! I guess I should have read the fine print on the DVD cover, but I was just too excited! So last night I got Pirates III. I must admit I was not impressed. The first one was amazing, the second, from a director’s point of view was hard to focus on because of the special effects, and the third one I couldn’t even follow the storyline as it was so complex and the minuscule appearance of Keith Richards was dissatisfying. Even Johnny’s performance wasn’t as thrilling as usual. Mo’s choice of “Firehouse Dog” was better. Sorry Johnny. I still am ever so excited to go to EuroDisney though; hopefully their Pirates ride is as good as the original back in the good old south western United States. Mo and I have reservations for four days over our spring break. We are staying at the Davey Crocket ranch cabins. I read they have an old fashioned barber there; American style. I think they should turn it into a “Sweeny Todd” experience!!!


Chelsea C says:

Yeah…the third “Pirates” was kind of…eh… Poor Johnny. Wow. Jeal-ous about you going to EuroDisney. I’m kind of a Disney freak so I’m expecting a FULL report on how everything was. I have yet to go see “Sweeney Todd” but I am still hoping…wishing…dreaming… But its probably not gonna happen. Have fun!!!!

Amber says:

Sweeny Tood is playing at Gammage soon and Porter is going to go see it. But I decided that I’ll let him take a friend to that one. I might have nightnames…

But I’m glad you are having fun with Mo. I saw the 3rd Pirate movie on midnight the night it came out with my friend who is a total Orlando Bloom…I mean Pirates…fan. I think the worst part about it was that it was really, extremely long.

Alec M says:

huh, i didn’t see the third pirates but I heard the same reviews as you said. But that stinks about Sweeney Todd because it really was an amazing movie! And I’m so excited because tomorrow i’m going to New York City for Spring Break and we’re gonna see…..SPRING AWAKENING! And my brother gets to pick one play to see too and he just can’t decide between The Lion King and Wicked. Oh well…have fun!

Erin W says:

Yeah Pirates 3 was long and confusing. But I must say that Sweeny Todd is Differant. Art pure art. I loved it. The stange mixture of the Horror genre and a Musical was a hard concept for me to grasp but I loved it. The Horror that leaves you wanting to never go to a barber and hiding unde was your blanket was amazing because they were able to do while keeping you singing and danceing. All in all a great experiance splurge and see it in the theaters. You wont regret it.

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