Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{March 4, 2008}   CLEAN TEETH

Just a quick update. We are down to the nitty gritty with the musical review. There are days when I think the kids can pull it off and other days. We are also down to the wire with the seniors and their IB projects. The 10th graders have a few little projects coming up (my smaller class is doing Vowels and The Square for HS assemblies). MY larger nemesis class is doing realism scenes (and quite well I might add). Ninth grade is working on their 50s rock-n-roll musical. Songs are My Boyfriend’s Back, It’s My Party and I’ll Cry if I want To, Yakedy Yak, Charlie Brown, Please Mr. Postman, and How much is that Doggie in the Window. We have also started more improv in ninth grade. They are pretty darn good at it. I am hoping to plan my spring break trip tomorrow, and I have finally stopped procrastinating on my orals date (I lost my notes so I’ll have to study without them). We woke up to snow this morning, but not enough to hinder the morning commute but nice anyway. It reminded me of last year that little bit we got in Mesa. The day was real crisp, off on hail and sunshine. I wish I had more to share at this time but it’s just the daily grind right now and the hope I am doing my job with the IB. Oh Mo and I went to the dentist today. All they do here is look in your mouth, ask if you are in any pain and charge you 100 Euros!!!! I wasn’t looking forward to the cleaning, but I was looking forward to clean teeth! Here they only do stuff if there is PAIN! I wants me some clean teeth I tell you! What a waste!



Casey Ellings says:

sounds like you’ve been busy!! We have our first dress rehersal for hanzel and grettle on friday so i hope it goes well. good luck with your shows. we all miss you.

Chelsea C says:

Finally. An update. That sounds great…and familiar. Shows are going “ugh” as usual per this time. So…are you staying…or are you going??? Any word from MPS???

Alec M says:

Thats amazing! Our shows are going great….well Cinderella is at least. But for your musical review, I hope you guys are doing a Spring Awakening song because I think that would bring the house down….but that’s just me.

Erin W says:

Sounds fun. At Red Mountain Johnston and our sub for the year Jones are trying to put together Seussical(sp?) and from what I’ve seen of the rehersals it’s going well. We are starting the one act festival and Bri wrote a very dramatic one act. The dentist there sounds fun I hate the process of getting my teeth cleaned. Someone elses fingers in my mouth NO THANK YOU. Although I do like the end result.

Justina says:

Playground and The Square?! Awesome! Brings back some weird memories though……….

Amber says:

Hey Mrs. G! It is so good to here from you. Cinderella is going well. I’m also in a community theater production of Oliver Twist(the play not the musical) as Mrs. Grimwig. The big news is that our opening show is TONIGHT!!! 😮

Justina says:

oops, i mean Vowels and The Square. Silly me. Again, weird memories (but good ones)!

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