Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{February 7, 2008}   When in Amsterdam…


February break. Carnival. Rain, rain and more rain. I promised myself I would go somewhere really cool, and you know how scared I am to venture out on my own, just me and Mo; I let the rain dissuade my sojourn but Monday afternoon we ended up going to Leuven with Judith and her granddaughter. This is where Judith first lived over 40 years ago when she took to the adventure of moving here, and where she completed her master’s degree at age 50. It is an amazing university town. The intricately ornate building is their city hall, and if you can make out all the statues think about the Nazis and within their occupation of Belgium used them as target practice and blew all their little heads off. Boys! Kind of like Napoleon and the Sphinx! It was an entertaining day perfecting my French by talking to Judith’s four year old granddaughter. We topped the day off with the most amazing white chocolate, pistachio hot drink ever! Three days of deluge followed giving me the excuse NOT to go anywhere and Mo and I holed up in our flat watching DVDs after having finally bought (And I so cleverly plugged in) a DVD player. Go me! But alas today as I awoke to sun shining through my skylight window, I could no longer put it off. Off we went to Amsterdam. Easy peasy lemon squeezy getting there on the train and getting around. Even Mo was 70% happier than usual, which is saying a lot for the boy who HATES adventures and wants to stay home all day and read, watch DVDs and play video games. We traversed the city on the canals and visited the Van Gogh Museum and the Anne Frank House. Although Mo could care less about these things, it is a learning experience and I hope he will appreciate it in the future.  We found only one pile of Dutch Dog Do, and of course Mo smiled at that! I am glad I went. It was tres expensive but when in Amsterdam…do as the Amsterdamians. (The first two photos are Leuven)


Chelsea C says:

Goodie gumdrops gracious goodness. You are just going EVERYWHERE, aren’t you? It sounds like a lot of fun. My brother went a few months ago and said it was great. I’m glad you did it…even if it was only for the experience… You ventured out of your circle.

Casey Ellings says:

Sounds fun! Your definately getting your sight-seeing out there. I’m cutting most of my hair off tomarrow and donating it to locks for love. We miss you.

Amber says:

It is so cool that you get to travel all over Europe. I’d love to live in Europe when I grow up and do that but, like you said, it’s way too expensive.

Jennifer says:

How can Mo not like getting his picture taken-he is so dang cute!!!
When we all lived in Belgium there were no dvd’s or videos/video games!
I remember reading a lot and playing cards and really doing nothing a lot!! Got for you adventuring off! Alyssa’s school is doing West Side Story-should be awesome. She is just a sophmore so a not so big part of Conseulo (SP?) She loves reading your blog!

mzbee says:

Did I see a Vermeer AND a Van Gogh? How exciting. Mo should start his own European DOG POOP blog! hehehehe

Jennifer says:

btw-are you planning on going to the reunion in Chicago??

Connor says:

WOW!! What is that building in the background of the first picture? How can you not want to go see all of this? Though, I guess that the awe does wear off. I can’t believe that it’s only been a year since I’ve seen you! It feels like much longer. I miss you a lot, and I hope to see you sometime!

Alec M says:

Oh goodness! That sounds fun! I’m going to new york over Spring Break to see SPRING AWAKENING, YAYY! Anyways, I was watching an episode of Made today (its an MTV show) and there was an episode filmed at Red Mountain. and the girl was in choir and drama, and her friends that were featured on the show were some really familiar faces! From Shepherd’s drama!

Sarah M says:

Wow Ms. G you have been bizzy! I’m so excited for you and all you adventures around Europe.We all miss you ar shepherd but we are so pleased you are fallowing you dream!God bless and have lots of FUN!!!

mzbee says:

THANK YOU for the Amsterdam post card! I love, love, LOVE it! (and you, too) THANKS SO MUCH for thinking of me. The foreign post cards are so hard to get. I will treasure it. I can’t wait to put up my world map at the end of the year and do a VACATION theme with all the post cards. WhEeeEEe! ((((hugs)))) thanks again, you are the BESTEST!

Sarah M says:

Hey Ms. G! I have so exciting news for you! I am applying to ASA, Arizona School of the Arts! OMG! I’m soo excited! well I thought you might like to know! well talk to you later.
Sarah M.

Chelsea C says:


I think my favourite Van Gogh painting would be Starry Night and I love the Don Mclean song Vincent which is about this painting.

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