Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{February 4, 2008}   Silly things

Silly thoughts that make me laugh out loud; this is why I love what I do. Working with kids is such a blessing because they make me smile and out right guffaw everyday. For children’s theatre my students adapted the plays Snow White and Peter Pan. I have two ninth grade classes. Both shows added anachronistic music and elements that really made the performances funny. The plays were so different from each other too! I really loved how each dwarf really got into their character but my favorite part was red light green light with the forest trees and the slaying of the pig. Or should I say wild boar. Originally we were going to use a Bunraku puppet for the boar, but the puppet wasn’t getting finished and one of the kids jumped in to act like the pig in a rehearsal and I laughed so hard, from that moment on HE HAD to be the pig. I keep asking myself why it was so funny? Even the tech guy was laughing ‘till he cried in the booth. I guess to see this skinny kid come out dressed as a pig/boar making snorting noises hiding behind the human trees and then the grunts and spasmodic movements he made when the hunter killed him (I am laughing thinking about it now) and the red valentine heart that was pulled from his chest then the extra, extra long red ribbon that was pulled out for his tongue? All this to the music of Vivaldi. I really can’t tell you, I wish you could have seen it. I think his parents videoed it; maybe we can get it on youtube? This kid also played Grumpy and for one performance was late for the dwarfs’ entrance. I stood in the back, as I do as a drama director, and wondered “how are they going to fix this?” The beauty of live theatre is that these things happened, and I love to see how the kids deal with it. So the kid finally comes in and shouts to the other dwarves, “You left me in the diamond mines AGAIN!” Again the booth people and I are laughing our heads off. Then the first time the dwarves put Snow White on her coffin/table her head was off the end (her feet should have been slightly off the other end). I laughed as I knew how uncomfortable that must have been for the actress. They finally fixed it. 

Peter Pan was really funny too. The kids re-wrote “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray to “Good Morning Never land” One of the lyrics was “with no parents we play all day, and say what we want to say, DARN, POOP, BUTT!” Morrison asked why they didn’t say worse things. Kids?! 

Well it’s Monday and supposedly we are going somewhere, but it is pouring down rain. We had two whole days of nice weather in a row so we of course need some rain today. J


Ashley C says:

That sounds like so much fun! I was ranting about the wonders of theatre today and it made me kind of sad since I’m not doing ANYTHING this year! But tomorrow I start working on tech/backstage for ITW at Stagebrush, so I’ll finally be back among the drama people. We want you back but don’t listen to Billy, if he goes insane it’s of his own doing and only partially yours. Though he was right about never having a shortage of willing drama geeks!

Lots of hugs,
Ashley Corkill (loyal Griffinite)

Amber says:

Sounds like you were having fun. I love live theater just for those reasons.

Chelsea C says:

Haha!! Please DO get that on YOUTUBE. 😉 That would be absolutely hilarious to watch. Hrmm…live theatre IS wonderful like that. It’s amazing how some actors can pull mishaps off so gracefully (take Brooke in Alice in Wonderland with the whole missed entrance catastrophe). Yeah… Good times, good times… My goodness, I would love to write and perform my own play (I’ve only ever been able to do one at a time) and make it THAT funny. I’m laughing just imagining it. Weather has gone all gooey out here right now too… Blegh. Well, I hope you have many more hilarious moments to come. 🙂

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