Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{February 1, 2008}   Children’s Theatre is done :)

I made it through my children’s theatre performances and actually for the first time since I have been in Belgium felt like I did at home. Although the shows didn’t have the quality of my shows in AZ, they turned out well, the kids and audiences had a fabulous time. My students learned a lot and I received accolades from parents and colleagues. I think I felt at home because it was my 9th graders and we did shows through out the day, all in one day like I did my shows at Shepherd. There were many wonderful parts and silly parts that kept me laughing even though the tech part was stressful.  It is February break. I hope Mo and I can manage to go somewhere fun. Right now I am so tired I cannot concentrate so TTFN


Amber says:

I’m so glad you got through all that. Right now we are in the process of rehearsing for Cinderella and the advanced drama is rehearsing for Hansel and Gretel. My community theatre play “Oliver Twist” is doing well. I’m Mrs. Grimwig and my part is so funny. My character is probably the funniest character in the whole play(me and Mr. Bumble.)

Chelsea C says:

I’m glad your show went well. YAY!!!! We’re really busy rehearsing for shows. “Cinderella” doesn’t seem as bad as it did at the beginning of the year (although the lack of the boys in the ballroom scene is a bit of a downfall). We just got our parts for “Hansel and Gretel” and began to block it. Yours truly is Gretel in second hour. Matt N is Hansel with me. And in fifth hour, Castille is Gretel and Marissa F is Hansel. It’s gonna be stressful doing a show RIGHT AFTER spring break, but we’re hoping it turns out all right.

Casey Ellings says:

We are all glad your shows went well. As Chelsea said we got our parts for Hansel and Gretel, I got Frack, one of the Goblins, I wanted the witch, but I’ll have fun. I get to be very crazy. I also have honor band auditions tomarow so wish me luck. We all miss you!! Hope you come visit us soon.

Bill N says:

Billy has me hooked on reading your updates. Now I have to get him to respond now and then! I am sure your shows are great, they always are, and I am glad to hear you got some laughing in last week!

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