Adventures of a Drama Teacher

{January 19, 2008}   working it out…

The week at school went better by the day. Of course there are always irritants but when I am with the students I am really in my element. Each day the children’s theatre class rehearsals went better and better to the point I am hopeful I won’t be embarrassed. They even made efforts to come in and rehearse at lunch time (which meant I didn’t get to eat, but hey that’s okay!)

I helped out a bit at the elementary school disco even though Mo wouldn’t participate (parents help a lot more with elementary than high school) as I finally have time and they are constantly seeking volunteers. Then Mo went to spend the night with Axel and I forced myself to go to a cocktail party, and although it wasn’t fun, it wasn’t boring either. It was nice to chat with people at school that I never really get to talk to because being in the PAC (Performing Arts Center) we (me especially) are distanced and separate from the rest of the school.

I brought the sewing machine home and will work on costumes today. I will be happy when children’s theatre is over so my 9th grade classes can help get the shop back in clean and tidy order. It is still a paint mess from UTDS and the middle school’s production.

Friday some of my nemesis 10th graders actually apologized to me for how they treated me at the beginning of the year. I think they are coming around. They are doing decent jobs (relatively speaking) on the Shakespeare project. My 11th graders are slacking and I don’t like that. They are far too social and aren’t getting their projects done on time which will put the next unit behind. My 9th graders are focusing finally now that their performance date is looming and my 12th graders are coming up with some pretty decent ideas for their “Theatre in the world” presentation/lessons. A Swedish girl is going to teach us the New Zealand rugby Haka and I suggested for the American girl who is doing Peking Opera to teach us how to apply the mask-style make-up. Each student has a different obscure (to us) theatrical tradition to teach to the class and then they have to adapt a previous piece/poem to that style. After this we are going into a Bunraku puppetry unit. My 11th graders will work on directing a musical review. The 10th graders will work on realism next 9th grade (after shop clean-up will write their own musical scenes. This part of my life is great!

Maybe I can motivate myself to go for a run. It is soooooo gloomy and wet outside I doubt it, I guess I’ll just dance inside and wake my noisy neighbors.


brooke says:

You sound REALLY busy Mrs. Griffin! But a good kind of busy. And the way your 10th graders are acting sound EXACTLY the same way a lot of Advanced Drama was acting to Ms. Alop at the beginning of the year. Half our class HATED her but now everyone likes her, so I hope all of your students feel that way about you now. The “Theatre in the world” stuff sounds REALLY cool, and I hope the musical review goes well. I hope EVERYTHING goes well, actually, haha.

P.S. I got Portia, one of the stepsisters, in Cinderella! Yay!

Alec M says:

Haha, some of your nemesis 10th graders sound like some of our nemesis 9th graders to Ms. Alop. What you guys are doing sound fun!

mzbee says:

I have an ALL BLACKS shirt and I do know all about the HAKA. hehehe.

Chelsea C says:

Wow, you sound REALLY busy. Brooke was right… that’s exactly how we were treating Ms Alop at the beginning of the year. Of course, she could NEVER replace you, but people are coming around. We’re really getting trucking on our shows for this semester. We just got callbacks/parts for Cinderella this last week. I’m the “studious sister” in the ensemble. : ( Aw, well… We also have Hansel and Gretel auditions this week and we get our parts in one week. Which reminds me… I need to go finish memorizing my monologue.

Bill says:

I didn’t put my kids up to it – really. Billy also auditioned for Into the Woods (Stagebrush) and Little Shop of Horrors (Valley Youth Theatre). I think he was the last cut during the callback for ITW – a long and grueling audition. Just did the LSH audition – waiting for callbacks. So its not like he isnt doing ANY Theatre! He auditions for High School Regional Choir Saturday.

Matt represented Arizona in the US Soccer Olympic Development Program region IV Tournament. Just 16 players made the team, and state teams from 9 western states were there. This summer he may go to Oregon for additional training. He auditioned for Hansel and Gretel today.

I haven’t done a darn thing! But I will buy you a Ryobi if it will help.

Sorry for the wordy blog!

Jennifer says:


KATIEE (DUH) says:

hey mrs. G!
its Katie hogan. remember me?

i heard that the drama teacher at the high school was fired.
i also heard that you were offered the job.

is it true?

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